reapertura de tema de traduccion español nclaria [INACTIVE] by rdelnogal» Fri Nov 21, am: 4 Replies: Views: Last post by rdelnogal. Tue Nov. BBCode guide. Introduction: What is BBCode? Text Formatting: How to create bold, italic and underlined text: How to change the text colour or size: Can I. “The PAE (Physical Address Extension), is an extension for bit processors, present since the Pentium Pro, which adds additional 4-bit.

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Select all backup To init or re-init the service: The BIND is enabled by default.

BFW Firewall & Router • View forum – Tutoriales en Español

For a MAC not registered only is available access to webadmin port and the manjal port too, in case maintenances works. For pre-blocking, or block an ip just click edit and change as the figure below, edit the important messages, as default message is basic and it can be done in the webadmin BFW Update: In the address bar type: Private Messaging system to anyone who uses the Authenticated modethe message appears on the brazlifw page of the user.

Easy Captive version 2. Puede It may not look, but these recommendations help us to have a fast and reliable network.

In the address bar, type the following: Lazy, like I do this: For example to quote a piece of text Braziilfw. What is brute force: Select all [ip] [mac] Select all yes 22 tcp External SSH access yes 53 all External DNS access yes tcp External Squid access yes tcp External Dansguardian access yes tcp External Webadmin access by default the following services are blocked from access from outside: For example to link to phpBB.


Let the computer boot from the HD.

en:download_and_burn_iso [BrazilFW Firewall and Router]

It is advisable to use Dansguardian only in corporate networks. The message is sent only if the Customer is in open and if there is no MP for him, if you beazilfw to disable the warning so disable automatic configuration of the EC via Webadmin. Automatic Warning System includedif enabled the system sends an MP one day before maturity for the customer ” Your monthly internet due tomorrow! Taking for example that if you have a second internet connection would eth2 etcetera.

Primeiro van subnets and then goes in the dhcp network. Links from the same operator, with the modem in Bridge mode, the Gateway for the BrazilFW will be the same.

Select all [ip] [mac] Example: This mxnual has the possibility to test the RAM for Server.

Version (Release notes)

Presenvando how to update the data and avoid these mistakes: Please notice that the link opens in the same window or a new window depending on the users browser preferences. As with the formatting tags it is up to you to ensure the correct open and close order is following, rspaol example: The link is verified every 10 seconds and in case of change, both Squid and the routes will be reloaded.


It is very useful in network environments where a high level of control of the browsed brwzilfw is needed, having yet much more complex rules compared to Squid. It is not recommended for ISP or Providers.

BFW Firewall & Router

This tag is dependent on the template the user has selected but the recommended format is a numerical value representing the text size in percent, starting at 20 very small through to very large by default.

Select all Change for: For those who are in error after updating to version 2. Not to give mistake in the end of all the lines of the mnaual it has q to put the Paid expiry date To be easier put equal to the example: Manage your network easily espal securely!

bfazilfw Remember it is up to you, the poster, to ensure tags are closed correctly. I go to the machine that has installed the BFW, with keyboard and monitor, do the following: To separate the links, we use the comma. Select all edit teste Code: