Susanna Weber’s dress shop stands in the picturesque Madensky Square, a quiet little world of its own, nestled in the heart of glittering pre-war Vienna. Oct 17, Her shop lies in the picture-postcard-perfect Madensky Square, a small, humming world she shares with an aging bookseller; the Schumacher. Jan 14, So begins year-old Susanna Weber’s diary and Eva Ibbotson’s Madensky Square, a unique and charming book. Susanna is the owner of a.

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Madensky Square

The book is also a generous-hearted valentine to the bygone era just before the Great War, and the knowledge that the way of life it portrays was forever altered just a couple of years later tinges it with wistfulness. It wasn’t at all charming, delightful or romantic. She knows and clearly deeply loves these places and people, although the story takes place in what would have been her mother or grandmother’s era. He wasn’t a good looking bloke but spent the majority of the book expecting to get the hot girl.

And the characters are all so well drawn, people who make you or at least me smile madeensky passing. Sep 06, Maureen E rated it it was ok. I love Eva Ibbotson with squate whole heart, I’ve yet to read one of her books that madeensky a pure delight, but this one that is sadder and maturer, with the shine worn off a little and it’s archly raised eyebrow – this is the one that speaks to me the most.

It is romantic and thoughtful, with a marvelous sense of place and history. With the reputation of the poor Professor whose name I ssuare got off a notice board in ruins, we went up a second flight of stairs.

Madensky Square — All About Romance

This book was just all the lies women in affairs tell themselves without exposing the lies. I maddensky it The book description and other reviews for this book were misleading.

Mmadensky is older 36 and she’s worked hard to build up a successful clientele. I found it by chance in a charity shop, and bought it because I’d enjoyed the other adult romances by this author. That was all her Field Marshall ever got across was boredom. The jacket copy hints that the city is on the eve of WWI, so I was hesitant to start the book– I wasn’t in the headspace to sqare about war, I wanted a cozy romance.


Looks matter and nothing else. I adored the moment when she wears her magnificent new dress for him and he’s all, “It’s lovely. Not this line from the book that had me laughing a loud. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

Yarrow Dec 17, The book description and other reviews for this book were misleading. I would indeed shelve this book much more easily into life-saga than romance, considering than most men have a mistress on the side of their official and proper wife. While I can definitely say this zquare a romance, it wasn’t a usual romance, and what I was far more interested in was Susanna herself, not squaare lover. Despite the moral complications, Eva Ibbosten still manages to paint an enchanting picture of life in Madensky Square.

MADENSKY SQUARE by Eva Ibbotson | Kirkus Reviews

Aug 11, Andrea rated it liked it. This is why this failed. Connections with people for more than surface reasons are what sells a romance or makes you give jadensky damn what happens to them. Ten years later, she published her first novel, The Great Ghost Rescue. However it took some time at first, as if Susannah did not yet trust her pen and diary book.

At best it’s just someone who doesn’t know what they want and flitters between two women who offer something of what they want ,adensky not the complete package. Ibbotson has distinguished herself before in the historical-romance field with Magic Flute,and A Company of Swans,but her newest sets her madensk apart from other genre writers.

For one thing, her romances are funny. Refresh and try again. Susanna’s lover, Field Marshal Gernot von Lindenberg, fails to send for her, and then is involved in a duel; the Polish pianist runs away on the night before his first big concert; Frau Schumacher delivers another girl; Susanna’s helper, an anarchist named Nini, falls in love with a rich New York banker; and the Viennese Minister of planning decides that Madensky Square must be razed, meaning that Susanna will lose her shop.


She attended Bedford College, graduating in ; Cambridge University from ; and the University of Durham, from which she graduated with a diploma in education in And there is Susanna herself, a woman with an appreciation for beautiful clothes, good music and good company. Each month, Susanna writes about her life and the people around her – her neighbours, her employees and her customers, her friends. January 14, Publication Date: I really really loved this book. Will Frau Schumacher finally provide her husband with the male heir his timber business must have?

Magdalena wanted a sexless marriage but was sooo pretty.

I’m not a huge fan of diaries and first-person told stories. Anarchism is seen as an interesting hobby and life is interesting.

There are, for example, the Shumachers, neighbors with six adorable daughters and a seventh child, much hoped to be a boy, on the way.

This is a book written for adults unlike Suare other novels but with the exception of her heroines and their love interests the other novels involved complex characters. Unfortunately, while I loved the pre-World-War-1 Viennese setting and liked the variety of characters populating the eponymous square, there were too many things I didn’t like.

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Apr 01, Denise Childs rated it it was amazing. It’s more realistic, I suppose, than the typical fairy tale plot, but I quite enjoy fairy tale romances and was disappointed in this one. But it was you.

Desert Isle Keeper

Some of the books, particularly Journey to the River Sea, also reflect Ibbotson’s love of nature. References to this work on external resources. Once again I thought the story was charming and engaging. But while the world hurtles towards war, the secrets and sorrows which lie behind Susanna’s bewitching charm emerge as she and her friends live out the last, glittering days of Imperial Vienna in the idyllic surroundings of Madensky Square.