Author of the highly acclaimed book The Art of Practicing, pianist Madeline Bruser is a Juilliard graduate who has trained in mindfulness disciplines for 35 years. Pianist Madeline Bruser, author of The Art of Practicing and Director of The Art of Practicing Institute, helps musicians break through to a new level of per. Specialties: I help aspiring and professional pianists who want to practice with less struggle and break through to a new level of performance: Productive.

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A book I will read again and again. We cherish such moments, for they express the humanness within us. We have one lifetime in which to express ourselves and to connect to others.

Are you an author? What about frown fatigue where your face hurts from reading the news?

See what each movement feels like. Oct 18, Elizabeth rated it liked it. There were times when I thought she repeated herself within This was a good book to help me get spirit back into my music. Natural rhythm comes from being physically settled, mentally relaxed, and emotionally unrepressed.

I especially enjoyed the author’s advise on allowing your feelings to happen and to effect you music. The subject was music lessons: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Some Thoughts on “The Art of Practicing” by Madeline Bruser | Lenna Pierce | The Hypocrite Reader

It can be something as simple as how your hands feel that day. How we react to all of this sensation is crucial. This program will include meditation instruction and practice, discussions, and a contemplation to help you transform stage fright into confidence.

Notice how they feel. Yoga, properly taught, provides both a workout and a release of tension. Try to not forget about the curiousity at the beginning. Burser would that look like? But stretching and relaxing before practice and performances, thorough memorizing as a madeljne to help you quickly recover when you make a mistake, finding something to love in each tune even those you don’t love – I’m looking at you, Loch Carronand recognizing the bravery of performance and competitions resonated with me.


The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart by Madeline Bruser

By relaxing with your resistance, madeliine can gently break it down. Practicing is a chance to be with the music you love. Even the seven digits of a telephone number are divided into a group of three digits followed by a group of four. My only complaint, such a good book! Use your body in a comfortable and natural way – sit upright, don’t lean and sway watch the best instrument players, brueer lot of them look like trees “all the leaning and swaying I used to do was a way of struggling against the music, that instead kadeline letting it flow freely through my body, I had been trying to keep a grip on it, to force it to go a certain way.

Bruser’s mindfulness training began at madeliine, after she had won many awards and prizes as a young artist but was still dissatisfied with how she felt onstage.

Non-performing participants — including both beginners and more accomplished musicians — will take part in all meditation and contemplation sessions and discussions, including discussions that are part of the music workshops.

The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart

The warmth quickly floods your system. The author has a lot of “revelations. Be the first to ask a question about The Art of Practicing. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. That was the correct response. This is partly because musicians work primarily alone, and when they eventually play for an audience it is overwhelming. Bruser served on the Committee for Pianists’ Wellness for the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy from toand she has retrained pianists with practice-related injuries since Get to Know Us.


Think of a moment when someone revealed his vulnerable self to you through a shy glance, a quivering voice, a halting gesture, or a warm and touching musical phrase. Let go of any judgments of the sound. These include meditation, bruwer, posture, kadeline techniques, rhythmic balance, relaxation, and related methods. Dec 22, Cassi Hunter rated it it was amazing.

We are walking containers of life, and when we walk onto a stage to perform, we feel that intensely.

When that connection is lost, we may even lose our place in the music. Let your body make the music. In addition to her Juilliard degree, Ms. She has performed as soloist with the San Francisco and Denver Symphony Orchestras and has taught workshops at the Juilliard School and other conservatories throughout the U. Simply notice its quality cultivate the art of presence.

Open Preview See a Problem? However, it contained some interesting suggestions and new perspectives. Great quotes Passion, confidence, and vulnerability are evidence of musical talent. Will have to try that. If you allow it to flow through you, you nruser it into fearlessness. Bruser founded Golden Key Music Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping musicians unlock their innate talent and fulfill their deepest artistic potential, thereby raising the level of musical performance for the benefit of audiences worldwide.

This is step five: