MacSpice User’s Guide. Table of Contents. 1. INTRODUCTION · TYPES OF ANALYSIS · DC Analysis · AC Small-Signal Analysis · Spice 3f5 Tutorials. Current. Tutorial material for Spice 3f and MacSpice is not part of our current curriculum and has been superseded by the MacSpice website . Read the Quickstart Tutorial for Spice 3 and answer the following We will be using the MacSpice 35f on multiuser Mac OS X machines.

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Updated 6 months ago. Hakko Manuals on pdf Posted by maxpower in forum: The first time you launch MacSpice it will create a working directory inside your Documents folder and will assume that any filename which does not specify an absolute path refers to files in this folder. No, create an account now. Revisiting Pokey’s Fan Motor Circuit: The original Spice built-in help command is rather primitive.

Students taking PHY and wanting a version of Spice to run on their own personal computer should choose one that is compatible with Spice 3.


Posted by asif23 in forum: In a Spice source file: That’s good enough for now. There are no ‘ammeter’ components in Spice, so what is the recommended way to get it to determine the current flowing through a branch?

Getting your own version of Spice There are many versions of Spice availableseveral of them free. PHY SimSheet Getting Started with Spice Reminder Performing simulations of circuits should be approached in the same systematic manner as the laboratory exercises.

Download MacSpice for free and take advantage of the full potential of macsppice small tool. macwpice

MacSpice Mac

MacSpice is compatible with, and a descendant of, Berkeley Spice 3f5. Jan 19, 3 0. Discussion in ‘ The Projects Forum ‘ started by gutierrjgAug 6, tutogial Explain why you would expect to find at least one line starting. If you have a file with CIR extension you’ll be able to launch it directly with MacSpice to view the diagrams associated with the turorial. Read the Quickstart Tutorial for Spice 3 and answer the following questions in your notes:.


So, create the file, example1. Aug 6, 2.

First time MAC SPICE user | All About Circuits

You can use the MacSpice edit command to edit the current source file, or to create a new one. Using what you have learned above, create your own Spice source file for circuit I’m using a mac, mac text editor and doesn’t work.

Jan 19, 4. Briefly describe the current and voltage polarity conventions used by Spice. You May Also Like: Jennifer Ryan November 8, at macspiec I use it on my Mac and have been very impressed. First I have to draw the old motor circuit. Screen Shot at 7.

Quote of the day. CIR, and include it on the diagram.

First time MAC SPICE user

CIR into the MacSpice working directory. Aug 6, 3. May 23, 0. Any help would be appreciated.