MacroTech VZ Service Manual [ MB]; Macro-Tech Anniversary Series MAVZ AC Power & Thermal [ KB]; MAVZ A&E Specs [ KB]. Get the guaranteed best price on Live Power Amplifiers like the Crown MA- VZ AE Macro-Tech Anniversary Power Amp at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price. The Crown Macro-Tech VZ is themost advanced amplifier to offer Crown’s patentedVariable Impedance (VZ) power supplytechnology. New semiconductor .

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Edited by pchclx – 17 May at 8: There are LED indicators inside the amplifier to help you troubleshoot the problem. If you are not technically inclined, you need to take it to a repair shop in order to get it fixed. Your amp is broken. Macrl-tech searching for a Crown authorised repair shop within your area on Crown’s website.

However I have no idea if they repair amplifiers anymore.

Crown Macrotech VZ Power Amplifier | eBay

Had one with a screw been dropped inside it, totally fried one channel. The LEDs on the front of a are a bit confusing and have lead to a few premature driver deaths over the years. Ive struggled to get the ODEP light to go out, if you clip it into 2 ohms 5002va i suppose it would, but this is just bad practice!! Possibly you are using a modified Macro-Tech vz for macro-tecu offer green as the IOC LEDs when the load is flowing and red when it has reached its maximum current.


I’m the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy”. Its a bitch running 3 bass cabs per side on that thing.

Are you sure about you’re saying? I’m owner of 2 pieces of Macrotech VZ beasts, ans they have runned one full night with 2 5020vz 4×8 ohms subs on each channel,and don’t have any kind of troubles.

I understand all to love new digital or lightweight amplifiers, but VZ is the best amplifier at his class that Crown ever produced.

Please, don’t be brave now! You would have noticed that I was talking about macro–tech 2 VZ if you were able to read. I have been working with these things for the past 7 odd years. The company I run the sound department for have these things in stock too. I always run these size amps on 32A Cee-Form too. On probably 15 different 2 VZ’s!

It goes 2ohm all night long while the VZ is choking next to it. Please, get yourself an VZ and run 8 cabs with a watt powerhanling on it. See how long you will be able too keep your bassline going properley or the bands kickdrum in step on the field. If you want to talk about amps in its class. BLA Here is my pics! So, you have supplied’em on 32 amps soket is normally to have that behaviour, because the 32 amps on Vac have exactly watts power alot underpower.

So for 4 ohms on both channels it will draw around 34,3 amps, how the PDF says, exactly wich you fave feed on your 32 amps soket.


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We get the v models over here. Our generators for gigs run V and the problem does’nt go away There are at least 20 other techs over here to back me up about the 2 ohm problem. So, we are running in 2ohm or 2. The mids and highs need around 30A per phase to run properly. Thats far under the A distros trip point, not to even speak about choking the gennie. Am I calculating all of this wrong? Because according to you were running V. Whose angry now, fool.

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So go to piss somewhere else! Personally I dont like ClassH sound crest. Edited by DjLeco – 09 July at 1: Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in macro-teech forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.