February Dorchester ISBN Everyone knew Lady X or, at least, everyone knew of her. The masked courtesan was reputedly a noblewoman. It’s a case of mistaken identities and unmistakable attraction in New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ classic historical romance, previously. The Reluctant Reformer By Lynsay Sands – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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You have always had a passion for books, but really! Men paid highly for the privilege of bedding her and trying to discover her true identity, but no one had figured it out yet. Posted by Caine at 6: Now it appeared she was quite stuck here, she thought irritably as she listened to the murmur of voices outside the armoire. I’ll only be a minute and it will seem more real. Except that Lady X and Lord Hastings are in one of the rooms next door and your climbing in on them would cause the scandal of the decade.

Wincing at the pain now shooting up her leg, Maggie was busily rubbing the appendage when the door she had knocked with her knee opened. Cursing under her breath, she maneuvered her way back into the room and eyed the prostitute unhappily. By the time I got there, they said you had left just moments earlier, and I had to begin searching-“. A politically incorrect, economically impoverished and socially vile opinion!


She had then left Maggie to it and hurried to answer the door to the now impatiently pounding Frances. There was no way Agatha Dubarry could keep them quiet.

The Reluctant Reformer — All About Romance

Brilliant story, so witty. May 09, JB Anonym rated it really liked it Shelves: Maggie shifted her feet slightly, trying to ease the ache her cramped position was causing in her legs. Was Frances one of those? It sounded amazingly like- Her gaze slid to the crack despite her best intentions and Maggie drew her breath in on a hiss of air.

Members of the nobility did not do anything so crass as to work for a living. Once Madame had agreed to the undertaking, however, she had become quite enthusiastic. Especially when she merely had to sit quiet for a little while to avoid scandal. lyneay

To view it, click here. The first crack of the belt across Frances back drew Maggie from her ponderings and to relucfant realization that she was perched on a ledge, outside the third floor window of a brothel, balanced delicately between breaking her neck and being discovered and ruined.

Whichever room Hastings left would be the room he sought. And, with Maggie, hardest of all would be keeping himself from falling in love.

Fortunately, though, the misunderstanding is finally discovered and Maggie returns to her own home and her much-loved collection of servants. Lynsah glance up the hall showed Reformeg coming jauntily toward him, whistling under his breath as he straightened his cravat. Neither character got me. Dec 01, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: To find this sweet innocent sister in the bordello – dressed as Lady X – well he just had to save her!


The heroine is at a brothel locked in an armoire while a prostitute is about to entertain a guest.

Frances frowned at Maisey’s bored answer. I’ve forgotten how entertaining and funny her stories usually are. The heroine, Maggie is not exactly a typical naive and innocent girl although understandably women of that era would be quite sheltered when it comes to relationships and sex. A learning experience one might say. Clark writing for the Daily Express and uncovering major — but dangerous — scandals.

She’s pretty mad at him to begin with.

The Reluctant Reformer

In the beginning, Maggie trying to escape the brothel was a bit protracted, without adding anything to the setting. What Lord James had not known was that she was Lady Margaret Wentworth—the feisty sister of his best friend. Maggie stiffened, then shook her head. She straightened slowly, clinging nervously to the window as she waited for her balance sannds catch up to her.