Over the last five decades, L&T has earned a place selection, installation and such as DG sets, dsine MCCBs come with an external been the cornerstone of. L&T Switchgear, which forms part of the Electrical & Automation business, is India’s range, a new generation of MCCBs, stands out due to its state-of-the-art. L&T’s dsine range of MCCBs conform to the Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC as amended by directive 93/68/EEC. switch-disconnectors and fuse combination.

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Some of the salient features of the controller are as follows: The internal accessories are housed in insulated casings to ensure first level of insulation. These modules are to be used with MCCBs for earth fault protection.

Our team is adept at handling queries and complaints and is trained to offer you techno-commercial solutions… on time, every time. This function also allows an optimization of cables or bus bar protection in case of low amplitude repetitive faults. These recorded values can be viewed from display unit as well as PC. Choose from a wide range of DC voltages up to V and DC breaking capacities up to 36kA available as per various application requirements.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Stability: The manufacturer or their authorized representative established in the Cagalogue is responsible for affixing the CE marking to their product.

Buy L&T DSINE DNN A 50kA 4 Pole MCCB (µP) at Best Price in India

This would enable monitoring energy at individual feeder level and thus help in implementing effective energy management practices in the plant. External CTs are to be used for GF A range that has been designed and developed specially for DC applications such as UPS and battery chargers.

Ensured Soaring High with Consistency 11 Infrastructure Monitoring and controlling electrical installations at places like airports, hospitals etc. There is no need to open main cover and no live parts are accessed during installation. Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Ics: A manufacturer utilizing a CB test certificate issued by one of the accepted National Certification Bodies NCBs can obtain certification marks of the latter, within their scope of adherence, in the countries where the accepted NCBs are located.


It has one navigation key, a select button a an exit button.

These solutions can give you optimum energy management. Metering module collects the data from the release and sends the same to catallgue Display module. They are compact so the panel builder can optimise panel size.

One can set the direction of power flow in a system from source to load and in case the direction of power flow reverses, the reverse power protection can be activated to trip the system.

dsine MCCB Catalogue |

They are also available for lower DC voltages such as battery chargers. Motor loads being most vital, our design team has also developed special dsine-M series for motor back-up protection ranging from 32A to A.

We have little or no control over the nature or stability of power supply. Golmuri Jamshedpur Jharkhand Tel: As power supply is critical for airports and hospitals, our dsine MCCBs with ASTS offer changeovers catallgue less than milliseconds coupled with a variety of other protections in case of under voltage, phase unbalance, caralogue.

MCCBs with high breaking capacities cater to high voltage applications such as windmills and mines. These MCCBs can be used for following applications for isolation purpose: Generally, this conformity to the applicable directives is done through self-declaration and is required on products in the countries of the European Economic Area EEA to facilitate trade among the member countries.

Pudur Madurai Tel: This function detects the phase reversal of current from the set sequence. Advance tripping increases the overall life catalogu eliminates the production downtime incase of severe faults.

They have been designed to adapt to changes and overcome the challenges of your day-today operations.

O-LEDs showing current metering has got faster response time and also consumes less power, hence saves energy. Complemented by a wide array of accessories, the dsine range offers comprehensive solutions to customer applications ensuring operational safety, reliability and versatility.


Our SD is designed to withstand high currents without dsie on Service Performance. Curves are Ir based till overload zone. Box New Delhi Tel: Earthed system Any one polarity is earthed Earthed system Midpoint of the system is earthed Insulated system No earthing No. After all, forging long-term associations has always been the cornerstone of our business. Road Telibandha Raipur – Tel: Initiated Paving The Path to Progress 7 Building Sector Today, efficient energy management holds the key to growth and development in any sector.

Moreover, complemented by a host of accessories, the dsine range delivers comprehensive solutions to customer applications lt& operational safety, reliability and versatility. Mechanical Interlocking using Key Locks: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. For mechanical interlocking through extended rotary operating mechanism, a panel mounted key lock is available. For the latest information and special applications, please contact any of our offices listed here.

dsine MCCB Catalogue

As per the earthing of the system, we recommend following connections for breaking the fault currents. These switches give you quicker option to precisely change selection, offering high life. When the front cover is opened for the fixing of internal accessories, the MCCB is totally insulated ensuring the double insulation.

Our Thermal Magnetic as well as Microprocessorbased releases with various breaking capacities cater to multiple industrial needs.

Its operating temperature is C to 70 C. Equipped with common accessories for the entire range, these MCCBs assure excellent savings by reducing your inventory costs. They are thoroughly factory-tested with adequate quality controls in place.