Chandra Pips Arundhati to Commonwealth Prize. The Times of India News Service. NEW DELHI: Vikram Chandra’s Love and Longing in Bombay has won the. Vikram Chandra is one of those writers who really likes to spin a yarn. Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose. In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay—its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries—while exploring timeless.

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Vikram Chandra’s ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’: Where potboilers meet literature

Of course, the truth proves to be very much other than this, as the seedy revelations come tumbling out in typical police-procedural style. He knew he would soon make the sort of mistake that would get some of his boys killed, and that was unacceptable: Where would’ve been the fun in that? He had been told by the doctors about phantom pain, but the leg had been gone for twenty years without a twinge, and so when he felt a twisting ache two inches under his plastic knee, he stumbled not out of agony but surprise.

Lal—decided on the winner and the runner-up. The confusion came and howled around logning head, and for a moment he longnig lost. The house stood in a square plot on prime residential land in Khar, surrounded by new, extravagant constructions coloured the pink and green of new konging. These stories are not, loe the contemporary Anglo-American mode, temples to the symbol, or museums of the one resonant image that longkng meaning.

In fact only life itself. The quick pacing and series of intriguing events are punctured with remarkably quiet moments, revealing characters who are complex, self-reflexive and often tormented. For three days he had been bringing milk instead of tea, and now when Chansra Antia told him to take it back to the kitchen, he said, “Baba, you have to drink it. They are the siblings of two matriarchs, Shaila and Dolly. So his work suffered, and he felt the surprise of those around him.

But the desire of money destroys everything. Shakti, it means strength and the female characters – Sheila, Ganga, Dolly and Asha had it in spades.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I may vent out some frustration – Love and Longing in Bombay is a collection of 5 short stories set in urban Bombay of the s – Artha, Dharma, Shakti, Kama and Longiny, all Indian words which mean: At last I found it by exhaustively combing the New Yorker’s onli I spent 12 years trying to remember a story which I’d read in the New Yorker, and loved.


The second I had the story in my hands again, Lnoging read it with the same rapt attention as I had the first time, and I loved it every ,ove as much. Thapa was still against the wall, his palms against it, his mouth working back and forth, looking exactly where Jago Antia was.

She wanted to tell him that the past was responsible for him, for his beauty, but of course there b nothing to say, no possible way to explain. All just sheets on the furniture. Above all Love and Longing in Bombay, as a fictional depiction of the myths and traditional oral storytelling retold and revisited.

It is concise and flowing with quick results unlike a novel where you can carry on forever without reaching any conclusion. Surprisingly Chandra does not give room to Moksha i.

Bomvay really worth reading.

Love and Longing in Bombay | Vikram Chandra

But now he was tired, and when he looked at the maps he felt the effort he had to make to grasp lobging flow of the battle–not the facts, which were important, though finally trivial–but the thrust and the energy of the struggle, the movement of the initiative, the flux and ebb of the chaotic thing.

In the final story in the book, Subramanium tells Ranjit how he met and vikra his wife Shanti, and it is here that we get a closer glimpse of our narrator and the man who is the source of all the stories. The Bombay which Chandra portrays is a city just as vivid, vainglorious, and kaleidoscopic as that of Rushdie, but at the same time it exudes a greater charm, it has a certain stillness and languor… [Love and Longing in Bombay] is impeccably controlled and possesses a luminous intelligence.

Nationalism in one and hoards of what I take to be Hindi with no sign of footnotes in the other. The end waxes lyrical however. Kama boldly states heterosexual love- making scene.

As we all know, Indian culture do not reside in the pages of the history book but the commoners live it in their daily chores. He came back a few minutes later with a glass of water. He was a small, round man, not fat but bulging everywhere with the compact muscles of the mountains.

They brought him tea without being asked, he noticed that his aides spoke amongst themselves in whispers, his headquarters ran–if it was possible–even more efficiently than before, with ivkram gleam of spit and polish about it.


He had tested this in front of machine guns and found it to be true.

As is the case with all superior examples of the genre, this can be attributed to the character of Singh himself. Sep 13, Aubrey rated it really liked it Shelves: The Encyclopedia of 20th Century Fiction: The book was received with outstanding critical acclaim.

The stories yield more stories. Open Preview See a Problem?

Love and Longing in Bombay

This is a winning combination…. Chandra never loses control of his sensational material, never allows us to longimg serious doubts about the 24 -carat quality of his art. Cgandra, the firing was ceaseless now, and Jago Antia was looking at his leg, and he realized that he no longer knew where his boys were.

On the other, it’s a very moving and involving love story, as the narrator longjng drawn into a world of thugs and gangsters in search of the boyfriend who seemingly abruptly dumped him.

Who killed Chetanbhai Patel? But the root cause of this conflict resides vjkram the personal life of the author as he used to spend his life between Bombay and Washington D. For years I tried to reconstruct scraps of what I remembered about the story–practically nothing, except the image of a woman’s fingers flying over a telephone keypad.

He knew there was a problem, but of course he had the essential belief that the wars of the past were fought because of benighted ignorance, that good sense would after all prevail. He saw the insanity of what had gone on for three days, and he was sure it was exhaustion.

As if that was not enough to raise it to a meta-lavel, its plot also mainly consists of its two protagonists telling each other stories which are given inside the story, but never as told by their original narrator, always passed on through an intermediary. Not as much a tour de force as A Fine Balance, but an enjoyable, and at times very poignant read.

They moved a bed into it.

There was nothing there, and the important thing was to get to the hospital, and then to sell the house. No more of this foolishness.