: Startled by His Furry Shorts (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson) ( ): Louise Rennison: Books. Startled by His Furry Shorts and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . Louise Rennison is the bestselling and award-winning author of the. Number one bestselling author Louise Rennison’s seventh book of the confessions of crazy but loveable teenager, Georgia Nicolson. You’ll.

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If you receive an error message, please contact your library for help. I got so bored and frustrated with this book, but that cliffhanger!

I guess I can remember being that age and being really wishy washy, so maybe that’s why I’m rating these books so high, but jesus, at 30 it’s like, “dude, just go with the guy you can be your own version of normal to.

Louise thinks this is sad as it is nothing like San Francisco, being mainly pebbles and large people in tiny swimming knickers who have gone bright red in the sun. Add a card Contact support Cancel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I just had to add this book and all the other books in the series to my collection. You know, it’s funny To distract herself from her romantic woes, Georgia throws herself into Mac-Useless play rehearsals and loiise a Viking wedding, and tries to avoid all thoughts of boy decoys, Italian-American dreamboats.

The book is hysterical, don’t get me wrong, but holy Batman does Georgia need to stop overthinking stupid shit.

Are these my basoomas I see before me? Try refreshing the page. Still rooting for Dave the Laugh. The Kindle Book format for this title is not supported on: On to Book No. These two books are also sartled bit more mature than the renmison, while the others can be geared more towards the younger crowds this one is a little bit more TEEN than the others. They kept ending right in the middle of a scene and made for some artificial cliff-hangers.


Shut up, brain, shut up. I am so glad I have finally returned and finished this story.

Startled by His Furry Shorts!

I just feel like she’s a total bitch to Jas. I am anxious to get to the final book of the series. She gets snogged startlex in staetled of her life.

She’s still stewing over Robbie’s and Dave’s confessions, so she gives Masimo an ultimatum: Masimo still is a twit. The main events were Masimo’s decision, Georgia being on the rack of lurve, the MacUs It is great to have finally read this installment of the Georgia Nicolson series! Why is availability limited?

He’s the vy one she can be herself around. Add a library card to your account to borrow titles, place holds, and gennison titles to your wish list. As usual, there were lots of funny, laugh out loud moments.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Description Bestselling author Louise Rennison’s seventh book of the confessions of crazy but loveable teenager Georgia Nicolson – repackaged and guaranteed to get you laughing your knickers off! Read more about Stop in the Name of Pants! And the language is fine, unless there is more to British slang louisf I realize.

Lots of fun Disco dancing and Viking Wedding talk Jan 06, Lisa rated it liked it. Louise Rennison lives in Brighton, a place that she likes to think of as the San Francisco of the south coast.


Share this page with your friends. Which is sad as it is nothing like San Francisco, being mainly pebbles and large people in tiny swimming knickers who have gone bright red in the sun. This one didn’t make me laugh out loud. Not as side-splitting as the previous renniosn Your review has been submitted successfully, thank you.

Why did I admit I wanted Masimo to be my proper boyfriend?

And also in the oven of “luuurve,” And possibly on my way to the “bakery of pain,” And maybe even going to stop along the way to get a little “cake” at the cakeshop of agony. May 22, Beth added it Shelves: You’ve reached the maximum number of titles you can currently recommend for purchase. Nevertheless, she manages to attract the attention of Robbie the Sex-God, Dave the Laugh who coins many funny phrases like piddly-diddly department and away laughing on a fast cameland Masimo the Dreamboat.

She isn’t that mean to Rosie or anyone else.

`startled by his furry shorts!’ : Louise Rennison :

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While this series isn’t exactly classic literature, I ny you to read it without laughing out loud. In the meantime, Dave keeps throwing out weird messages to Georgia, including a massive snugfest at a party and then later turns up with another girlfriend.