Mario Puzo describes the Borgias as the original mafia family. . The Borgias me quedé fascinada con la época renacentista y con los miembros de esta familia. The Family is a novel written by Mario Puzo. The novel is about Pope Alexander VI and Pope Alexander VI (formerly Rodrigo Borgia) believes God will ultimately forgive his many sins simply because, as pope, he is infallible and divine. The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions (); Inside Las Vegas (). Los Borgia by Mario Puzo, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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King Ferdinand I of Aragon had a mummy museum of his enemies, Ludovico Sforza poisoned his nephew for the Duchy of Milan, and great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were immortalizing their names in history. You guess quite early how it’s going to turn out.

A story set in the 15 century about the Pope Alexander IV and his family. The characters were intricate and detailed, with the specific sort of nuances only Mario Puzo could provide, the nuances that made a reader invest in a character, love them, in spite of all their garish sins, something quite necessary when relating a tale about the infamous Borgia family.

Or maybe we’re supposed to hate him? To see borgla your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Su final tambien fue muy apresurado mmario no se siente como el final. Just as The Godfather, the head of the family Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexandre Borbia is an ambicious and powerful man, who doesnt have any doubts to get rid of anybody who dares to stand on his way.

The Family by Mario Puzo

Why have been do those things and marik the others? The book The Family is a book of a twisted Catholic family in the Renaissance times. If you are interested in reading about the court intrigues, assassination and warfare in the Italian Renaissance period, The Familythe last novel by Mario Puzo finished by his long time girlfriend after his death would be much to lls taste.


Her character felt like a modern insertion meant to show how awful murder, incest, etc. Standing on the rampart of the castle, that first moment I saw you, I was determined either to kill you or to rape you. Quite simply, this book is unreadable.

The Family

Or, if I am moved to pity, maybe then I will do you the favor of killing you. I heartily recommend The Family, Puzo’s book, to people interested in the cable boggia and wanting background on the Borgias but not wanting to dig for the recorded history. He made incest into a love story.

Jun 11, Trina Dienger rated it liked it.

And a bit more killing. Cardinal Roderigo Borgia is charismatic and handsome, a ,os leader and a perfidious man of the cloth who ascends to the papacy as Pope Alexander VI inwhen Italian city-states are competing for land and the Vatican is competing for souls. I’ve read most of Mario Puzo’s books, and this does not, in my opinion, compare favorably with the others.

For if we honor that commitment, we will never be vanquished-but if we falter in that loyalty we will all be condemned. His tales of Italian life and Mafia are intriguing and I’ve never been able to put one of his books down — except The Fortunate Pilgrim. A vrijeme je to i velikih povijesnih osoba poput Machiavellia, Leonarda da Vincija, Michelangela i sr.

My uncle gave me this book as a present -an old, used and wrinkled copy.

The Family (Puzo novel) – Wikipedia

Boryiapages. It gives great detail to the role of the Papal army, headed first by Juan while Cesare is named a Cardinal by his father. Firstly, he was completely off-base in his interpretation of the Borgias, and thus he fails to make them effective and interesting characters.

Habia alianzas y estrategias, personajes eran asesinados, pero a mi me daba lo mismo porque no estaba particularmente interesada por ninguno de ellos.


Los Borgia

Books by Mario Puzo. He’s full of the devil, this son of the church. I know that this isn’t meant to boriga highfalutin but for what it is, The Family is a pretty fun read especially for badass pope junky like me. Preview — The Family by Mario Puzo. Pivotal characters suddenly disappeared for long periods of time, while secondary characters suddenly became the masterminds behind the entire plot. This book was on its way to being a 4 or even 5 star book for me when I first began and while I still enjoyed The Family overall, by the end, I could not shake a distinct sense of dissatisfaction.

When the children were younger they were taken away from their mother, to go and study in the church, with their father. Even when he’s supposed to maril flawed, Alexander Sextus is presented as this glorious man maio supposed to believe in constantly. Kudos to her for wrapping it up, and an impressive job she did, but it still reads just a little bit like something a great writer worked on for years and was never able to finish and whose girlfriend finished after he died.

Estoy convencida que no importa lo que Puzo escriba me va a encantar porque disfruto mucho de su forma de escribir.

She is intelligent, loving, caring, yada yada. Puzo’s most famous work, The Godfather, was first published in after he had heard anecdotes about Mafia organizations during his time in pulp journalism. Though I will admit it is not as good as “The Godfather” will there be a Puzo norgia that is?!

For most of the time I’m satisfied with what Mr.