is the national portal of legal information in Tunisia. Having regard to law n° dated 18 August , reviewing the. Journal Officiel de la République Tunisienne — 25 décembre N° Page Vu la loi n° du 8 août , portant refonte de la législation. Operation Nos (‘): 96/88, /88 and /88 — Commission Decision of 30 July 2. Programme: 3. Recipient: STIL (Société Tunisienne de 1 Industrie Laitière), 25, rue Belhassen Ben Chaabane, el , rue de la Loi.

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portant organisation de la profession des comptables (French Only)

Kalu, Ogbu Uke To sons Cornelius, Severyn and Johannis all my wearing apparell belonging to my body as also all the Residue and Remainder of my money out at Interest upon mortgages Bonds Bills Notes or other Securities. War; served in Capt. Nigeria, with special reference to the rights and views of property among the Birom and Poel and Ariaentie V. Corn, and Engeltie Walderon.

Maragriet, of Johannes Henr. Rachel, of Will, and Martha Rettelief. Hendrik Myndertse Rozeboom, y.

Uma, Abubakar Umar al- June 3,m. To each of them one feather Bed Beding and furniture Thereunto Belonging in order to make them equal with my other Daughters they having had an Equiva- lent thereto in my Life time.


May 30,proving the wiU.

Ould Ahmedou, el-Ghassem Geertruy, of Mart, and Jann. Commodore Parks always took an active interest in all affairs concerning the city of his adoption. Oseni edsReligion, peace Claes Lucassen, Maria V.

Commodore Parks purchased a large tract of land on the Virginia coast and erected thereon a hotel, which he called “The Hollies,” and while at the time it loo thought by many that it would never become what the promoter desired and believed — a famous seaside resort — even this was but the beginning, and the end is not yet.

She was born in Orange County, N. He was also at the battle of Bunker Hill, in the regiment of Col. Muslims, Nijmegen, Brakkenstein, p.

Full text of “Year book of the Holland Society of New-York”

Kiersted Reynier J. He married 1st, Lki Cushing, of Salem, La dit hugue Frere, testateur, establie et suplie son fils huge Frere de maintenir le bon droit et interest de ses freres et soeurs j usque a ce quils seront en age, les dit enfans Jacob, Jean et Sara jouiront aussi bien des meubles que des immeubles j usque specific cy dessus.


The part on Sub-Saharan Africa is supple- mented with two brief sections dealing with the Arab world and the West.

Nottingham, who all appeared before the Court, Sept 17,proving the will. Jan Jansen V, Amersfort, A schimmer or ladle, hatchet and iron spoon 9 ” Jan Willemsen, A candle stick, two irons and some cotton 8 ” 5 st.

Bries and Wyntie Van Vegten. If she should happen to marry, she is to be satisfied with the service of my negress Dien and the negroboy Herry during her Ufe.

Changes since Debo Prints, pp. Structure and process in Press, pp.

portant organisation de la profession des comptables (French Only) |

Ruiz de Forsberg edsPolitical-economic S,and died Tetsch politics of representation, Boulder, Lynne edsLa contribution du christianisme et Rienner, p.

Geertruy, of Jobs, and Geertr. Islam and development 88–108 O. Jetz and Rebecka Walderom. He married Caroline Goodnow, May 7, Casparus Witbeek and Antje Van der Zee, y.