You can try declaring sensor as volatile: volatile uint8_t sensor;. Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8eXtreme Electronics http:// 1 of Here is a simple line following robot circuit designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller. It can be used in industrial and defense applications.

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Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

By himanshu deore – August 31, 2: By Ljne – August 26, 7: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: SIR,please answer where to connect pin no. And the AVR pin diagram shown in the circuit diagram has pin no.

By Karunakaran – May 26, Robot C Error The products will be delivered to you door steps within days any where in India using quality courier service.

You can purchase both the circuit boards made using high quality PCBs and parts.

Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

What are the best sites or blogs that may be useful in designing an advanced line follower? Please try to under stand the purpose of anything before cementing! What kind of sensors is it exactly?

This is done fillower storing the current line position in a variable sprev just before the end of main loop. By Ashish Inamdar – November 29, 5: And write comment in proper english only!


Hello sir, Will the bot follow the line if it encounters a junction. By rupali – April 3, 9: By ankush – August 12, 2: Simply follow the link. I have not made it win international competition and so it does not has super complex and messy codes!

Can you please help me out with the logic that i need to put in. But since PIND is already defined as volatile “under the hood”, isn’t that sufficient for the compiler to suppress assumptions regarding the value of PIND and thus not optimize the assignment to sensor? Dear Sir, You are right that line senosr schematic is very clear.

avr – Line follower robot using atmega8 – Stack Overflow

Karunakaran, I am also talking about the main board schematic only! By ankur – April 20, 3: By rehman – May 18, 2: By Avinash – August 27, 9: By madhu – September 18, 3: By Ganesh Chandra – April 8, You can try declaring sensor as volatile: In case a line is NOT found we below any sensor we used value we got last time. Avinash Avinash Gupta is solely focused on free and atmsga8 quality tutorial to make learning embedded system fun!


The IDE Integrated Development Environment that is a software suite that let you enter, edit, compile,debug project and manage atmmega8 in project.

By arjun – October 6, 9: If you bring some white surface in front of the sensor, ffollower voltage output should change. By Ankit – July 8, 1: We are here to help! Its called a by pass capacitor, and why the hell you are telling it isolated? Can you plz tell me the values of Diodes D1D2D3?

You can provide 5v to the sensor and then check its output using a digital multimeter. Sir please tell why capacitor c6 is shown isolated in the LFR circuit diagram robpt I have to connect this c6 same as shown ie in vcc and ground anywhere in my zero pcb? Your works are always wonderful. By Khushboo Priya – December 6, 8: Which will unnecessarily increase the troubles!