Linde Hydraulics is a manufacturer of heavy duty hydraulics, power transmissions, and electronics. The company’s product offerings include hydraulic pumps. Linde BMF Hydraulic Motor. Kolben Hydraulic supplies a wide range of Hydraulics Motors, new or overhauled, with warranty Kolben Srl. Condividi. New Linde traction motors or repairs / maintenance. We stock Linde traction motor / hydraulic motor BMF 35; BMF 50; BMF 75; BMF ; BMF ; BMF

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Products Hydraulic Drive Technology More efficiency, top performance and user-friendliness. More efficiency, top performance bmr user-friendliness. Buy now Buying new units has never been easier. Linde complements the components of the power-train with electronic products of the LinTronic family, in the accustomed quality and reliability.

Let us look now at the adjustment screws one by one. The stopping screw at the maximum displacement side is actually the minimum displacement limiter, and if you want to increase the displacement control threshold – you must turn the adjusting screw out!

As you can see – the motor 15 a 1105 example of the ” other way round ” adjustments. Electronics Modern machines benefit from the advantages provided by an intelligent electronic control. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These are the advantages of our perfectly matched hydraulic and electronic components for mobile and stationary drive systems.

In case of this motor the only thing you can read is the model plate – it says “Linde BMV” – not a helper, is it?

Linde pump repairs | hydraulic motor repairs servicing

If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to linxe all cookies on the Linde Hydraulics website. Like any other Linde creation – these are very high quality built motors, with remarkably over-priced spares and design that can be characterized as “different for the sake of being different” and “over-engineered for the sake of being unique”. When you look at it – you see nothing but a normal bent-axis type hydraulic motor, which has two adjusting screws and a couple of pilot lines.


They are able to provide the required torque even at low speeds and make it possible to start smoothly and sensitively.

Now if we consider the control threshold adjustment – we’ll see that screwing the adjustment screw in actually de-compresses the spring, and lowers control start pressure.

The rest of the motor is trivial. Turning Power into Motion The world is characterised by change, an increase in task volumes and new challenges. Our online community will keep you on track with upcoming events and activities across the globe. Spares Linde Hydraullics Ltd carry an extensive stock of Linde spare parts for quick delivery.

Linde BMF105 Hydraulic Motor

Are they good and reliable? Valves Linde directional control valves are designed for the use in the Linde Synchron Control LSC System which offers superior performance and increased efficiency.

Would I want one in my machine? If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Linde Hydraulics, UK website. Pumps for open and closed circuits.

Foundry Cast cut costs. However in this motor it limits the minimum displacement. Here’s a tip for you – if you are not sure whether your BMV is in the max displacement for example when you see that you closed loop transmission doesn’t give out the torque you need, and you suspect motor displacement issues – screw the min.

More efficiency, top performance and user-friendliness Learn More. KG Wailandtstrasse 13 Aschaffenburg Germany.

New Linde traction motors or repairs / maintenance

Pumps Pumps Learn More. This series is rather old, so we don’t get those often these days. Drives Advanced modular drive technology. For best results and top performance we dedicate our know-how and experience to the benefit of long lasting partnerships alongside the success of our clients. Bmr possesses, however, what I like 1055 call “the other way round” adjustments, making it bmmf perfect example of how things in hydraulic components often are the opposite of lindf they seem, and a good illustration to my previous post on left adjustments.


Please contact Linde Hydraulics with regards to available parts, service units and repairs for the BMF Pumps Pumps Series Controls A range of both electronic linee hydraulic servo operator control interfaces.

We are always here to help. To help us identify your unit please refer to the dataplate – serial numbers start either or H2X Social Media Join the conversation Keep up to date with all the latest news from Linde. With subsidiaries in Europe, USA, South America and China as well as an extensive network of service partners you can rely on competent service around the world.

This is a simple control, based on the good old spring feedback design. It has the loop flushing relief and shuttle ,and the rotary group is, well, just another Linde-ish rotary group. You can see why here – the stopping screw has a head that works inside the servo-cylinder – the more you screw it out – the bigger is the minimum displacement of the motor.

For maximum economic efficiency and the best possible performance. Continuous variable transmission technology. Service Reliability is Key With subsidiaries in Europe, USA, South America and China as well as an extensive network of service partners you can rely on competent service around the world. This particular module was using the Y port check out the schematics to override the X port signal when needed, however on most motors I’ve seen so far the Y port is not used it is plugged and is internally connected to the motor case.

Yes, they are, very much! Electronics Configurable control, Safety related applications, robust against disturbance.