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Life-Size [Jenefer Shute] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Landing in the hospital after starving herself down to a mere sixty-seven pounds . The key to its success is that Jenefer Shute understands the importance of language in the strategies of the anorexic, and turns it to literary. Life-Size, a novel by Jenefer Shute: “Unforgettable” (Washington Post Book World); “A remarkable novel” (The New York Times Book Review).

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The memories don’t cohere into anything more than self-hatred. I didn’t really care if she got better; I just wanted the book to end.

Life Size CL

However, there were several flaws with this book. Anyways, I thought it was a really well written novel that really gave the reader insight into the disease. This was one of the least interesting ones that I’ve come across. She has a distorted perception of what she looks like and although she accepts that she looks frail, she aspires to be even jenefe.

Jun 21, J. Sep 02, Gail rated it liked it. Hyde of self-image, takes some of the fun out of the sculpting: The abrupt changes in shtue and thought process were abrupt and disrupting. The reader doesn’t hope for her recovery or, at a minimum, her improvement.

And it did; but without any sense of resolution. I read this book as a free galley when I worked at the bookstore. Shute, telling the story in Josie’s voice, limits her scope to the narrow, obsessive thoughts of an anorexic, so her portrait, while harrowing and absorbing, is more a fictional journal than a full-fledged novel. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, such an interesting read and accurate to reality considering she sise not got experience of an ED to reflect on.


The descriptions of food were very interesting and her knowledge of calories for everything. All the time leaps and that I find it quite intense because of the protagonist’s thoughts.

Nov 05, Shannon rated it it was amazing Shelves: She’s still having issues, maybe she’s seen some light but not likely, she’s not shhte with getting better.

It’s hard not to isze the protagonist who triumphs. It began well, then it sank too far to be saved. She remembers her adolescence and the genesis of her disease–she was a jneefer girl in a world that tolerated only slender women. Gobs of congealed grease. Josie isn’t the most likeable person. Josie, the narrator is utterly unlikable, treats her family and hospital personnel terribly and talks about nothing but food.

I read liff over a couple of days. It wasn’t bad but sometimes it was a bit confusing.


Secondly, the main character was simply unlikeable. I mean, I finished the book, but somehow I find that there were nenefer many open questions. The writing, while at times sarcastically witty, sounded for the most part like an adult writing and failing to sound like a teen. I did find it hard to put down as I was so intrigued by Josie’s life and how it was going to progress.

The reader doesn’t hope for her recovery or, at a minimum, her The author did a wonderful job of portraying the mindset of those suffering from anorexia. As a social work student with a squeemishness towards eating disorders, by boss at my internship reccommended that I read it as a form of “exposure therapy”. Jul 28, Milo rated it it was amazing Shelves: She’s going to be stuck in her head an awful lot.

Aug 21, Josephine rated it it was amazing. Josie, a graduate student in economics, has starved herself so successfully that her parents have her institutionalized in a clinic for people with eating disorders. Josie has sculpted, out of an unpleasant but fairly generic past, a self that she can control. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Refresh and try again. Relapse is a real and serious thing with eating disorders. His scores make his case. Preview — Life-Size by Jenefer Shute. The narrative is genuinely stream of conscious, shifting seamlessly from past to present and back again. There was a problem adding your email address. This still kept me riveted. I think this was beautifully written, staying mainly within the character’s head and nowhere else.

Life-Size, a novel by Jenefer Shute

Sep 04, Jodi rated it it was ok Recommended to Jodi by: Interesting look at a young woman struggling with extreme anorexia. I like to read books that allow me to get inside a character’s head and understand their feelings and this ehute what this book allowed me to do. The author did a wonderful job of portraying the mindset of those suffering from anorexia.

I like realistic more than ridiculous YA romance. This is her immediate universe throughout the novel, and she describes it in a voice that is unmercifully critical, sarcastic and ironic. Written as if the author had first hand, real life experience with this disease. You have to work hard to like her but you can understan Whilst I liked this book a lot, I didn’t love it.