Berlin Game has ratings and reviews. Fergus said: ‘Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.’These insight. am. The inside story of the BBC adaptation of Les Misérables by the man who sexed up War and Peace. Premium. From left: Rachel Cusk. Berlin Game, UK anniversary reissue, with Schwartzman cover In the introduction to a later edition, Len Deighton stated that Bernard’s testimony in the books.

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Play in new window Download. Spybrary listeners voted overwhelmingly for Berlin Game to be the first spy book to be discussed in our first ever book club Spybrary edition.

It is a book club edition so we cover lots of aspects of the book including many of the twists and turns. Spybrary Host Shane Whaley claims that this is one of the top 3 spy books ever written, if not deigyton best! What did our panel bdrlin of the plot, the characters, the writing, the conclusion? Tune in to find out!

Berlin Game by Len Deighton (1983)

Tarantino who had Max Cherry read a copy in Jackie Brown should hurry up and film it, like he said he would. I picked up the field glasses and studied the bored young American soldier in his glass-sided box. His arms were resting on deighhton steering wheel and his head was slumped oen them. On the bank of the Spree: Between us and the Ganymed there was a wall, machine guns, barbed wire, and two battalions of gun-toting bureaucrats.

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Len Deighton’s Berlin Game – Book Club – Spybrary – Spy Podcast

Dicky and Bret had no idea berlni. None of these desk bastards knew. Vigilance is not enough. Is that the word he used? They put sane dissidents into lunatic asylums, consign thousands to their labour camps, they assassinate exiles and blackmail opponents.

They must surely be the most ruthless, the most unscrupulous and the most powerful instrument of tyranny that the world has ever known. But dear old Ebrlin is frightened you might embarrass them.

Berlin Game (Bernard Samson, #1) by Len Deighton

But who gets the promotions and the big wages — desk-bound Party bastards. How lucky you are not having the Party system working against you all the time.

gxme Sorry we could not get to all of them but you can always continue the conversation in the Spybrary Listeners Group. The fact that the secret services are portrayed as the big dysfunctional organisations that they are, with all of their foibles, is well exploited by Deighton and makes for great authenticity and humour.

Berlin Game

I also think that the first person narrative is a great vehicle that Deighton uses both to personalise the story, make us feel for Bernard and to ramp up gam tension. Len Deighton is undoubtedly the poet of the spy story and we are so lucky to have his works to enjoy. Your email address will not be published.

Listen to Spybrary Powered by the Simple Podcast Press Player. Comments A great discussion. Super start to the Book Club — lots to discuss.


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