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Risk assessment for the Eurosur surveillance system. Transitional periods for EU officials changing jobs. Creation of a European statute for mutual societies.

Aggravation of actualzata violence as a result of the economic crisis. Measures to tackle organised crime, corruption and money laundering.

Eggs from non-compliant countries illegally on the market. Assessment of European Citizens’ Initiative. Transparency regarding humanitarian aid provided by Europe. Sharp rise in the number of cases of violence against women in Greece. Plans aftualizata tax small plots of land in Greece yielding no returns. Commission tendering process for SMEs. Update on violence, persecution and discrimination against Christians in Vietnam.

Export credit guarantees for animal housing systems prohibited in the EU. Eurostat report relating to the excessive deficit procedure.

Eurostat report as part of the excessive deficit procedure. Funding of European police training. Public leegea by the Commission. Origin of the Commission’s communications equipment. EU co-financing for 762 projects.

Explanation necessitated by the discussion between Kris Peeters and Michel Barnier. Best practices to fight VAT evasion in European steel markets.

Advertising of electronic cigarettes. Welfare tourism in the United Kingdom.

Female genital mutilation and immigration. Freedom of expression and freedom of the press violated yet again in Turkey.

Legislație – Agenția Națională pentru Plăți și Inspecție Socială

European Arrest Warrant — implications. Commission action inin view of its Work Programme for the coming year. Collaboration between institutions and between Member States in the context of the Commission’s Work Programme for Compulsory affiliation to cable distribution networks.


Property tax questionnaire sent to the Greek lrgea. Rules for cyclists at border crossings between Schengen and non-Schengen countries. Progress of the Commissions study on informing consumers about non-stun slaughtering. Possible funding to breed racehorses in Italy. Acttualizata funding to breed racehorses in Tuscany. Commission Regulation on block exemptions.

Digital television in Greece and tendering procedures. Turkey’s unfulfilled obligations towards the EU. Increase in unemployment and poverty. Freeze on advance payments of premiums via the single application: Multilingualism in future EU strategies. Surveillance of EU political leaders. Implementation of the directive on cross-border healthcare. Duty of secrecy of Eurostat officials.

Eurostat’s activity under the excessive deficit procedure. Comics published by the European Union to illustrate issues, policies and activities. Launching of Excessive Deficit Procedure against Croatia. Death of a Christian woman in an Eritrean prison. Illegal and wrongful deductions on behalf of third parties by the Bank of Actualizafa from Single Farm Payments.

Environmental improvement schemes in France. Proposals for tackling youth unemployment. Recruitment of Croatian citizens to the Commission. Impending Asian crisis as a result of the hoarding of dollars in Asian countries.

Energy-saving provisions within the framework of the Ecodesign Directive. Liberalisation of shop opening hours and protection of SMEs. New rules on vacuum cleaners and consumer protection. Non-compliance of dolphinaria in the EU. Possible introduction of a wealth tax — IMF report. Dismissals at the multinational Alstom. McDonald’s illegal attempts to dismiss workers. Pioneer’s application for GM maize to be authorised for cultivation. Investigation into possible corruption in Bulgaria.

Duration of plant variety rights for clonally propagated horticultural crops. Pressure on the Member States from asylum-seekers. Financial support to implement research on early diagnosis and consequent treatment.

European funds for the Veneto Region. Reform of the pension system in Italy. The impact of the single currency and common policies on divergence between Member States.

The situation of Portuguese workers in the Narbonne region of France. Failure of the Portuguese Government to comply with legislation relating to the identification of the risks of workers being exposed to asbestos. Thousands of Portuguese with no right to unemployment benefit and income support allowance. ILO declarations and the need to increase wages, particularly the national minimum wage. The impact of implementing free trade agreements on the Portuguese economy. Urgent need to renegotiate Portuguese public debt.


Dangerous E-number additives in children’s medicines. Prohibition of trans fats in the EU. Problems in Bulgaria concerning final payments for projects implemented under the European Fisheries Fund.

Breach of EU rules on competition in the internal market. Toll for foreigners on German motorways. Possible link between aluminium and neurodegenerative diseases.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Safety of plasma and plasma-derived products. State of relations between the European Union and Taiwan. EU citizens subject to slavery within the EU. Ethoxyquin as an additive in animal feed: Severe annoyance from railway noise.


Overall policy on the prevention of waste production. Serious human rights violations at Greece’s external borders. Need to support the creation of start-ups in Greece.

Sleep deprivation caused by unsafe noise levels. Environmental noise directive and Dublin Port, Ireland. Crisis in the household appliance industry and relocations and restructuring announced by Electrolux, lefea serious consequences for actuslizata plants in Italy. Social dimension in the collection of debt from over-indebted citizens. Requests to waive the duty of confidentiality and the immunity of Commission officials. Improving access to beneficial ownership information.

Post-traumatic stress disorder and conflict.

Next general elections in Afghanistan. Statements by the Turkish Prime Minister. Inflammatory statements by the Turkish Prime Minister on Cyprus. Provocative statements by the Turkish Prime Minister against a Member State, relating to the new effort to address the Cyprus problem.

Utterances by Tayyip Erdogan regarding Cyprus.