Hoy lo terminaré y para mañana estará la reseña en el blog. ♥ Una canción para ti (Sarah Dessen): Podéis leer la reseña aquí: Reseña. Una canción para ti era una novela que tenía muchas ganas de leer de Sarah Dessen. Como sabréis leí Atrapa la luna y Te vas sin decir adiós y ambas. Encuentra Just Listen de Sarah Dessen (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Envíos Dessen weaves a sometimes funny, mostly emotional, and very satisfying story. . Leer más. A una persona le ha parecido esto útil. Ir a Amazon. com para ver las opiniones existentes 4,5 de 5 estrellas de canciones · IberLibro.

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When her mother abandons her at her estranged sister’s house to start her life anew, Ruby tries to adjust to her new home, family, and strange new reality the best she can lerr dealing with the sad fact that her mother is most probably gone from her life for good.

The Truth about Forever.

Along for the Ride. Once and for All. What Happened to Goodbye. Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Reprint 1 de mayo de Idioma: They were the people who claimed you.

In good, in bad, in parts or in whole, they were the ones who showed up, who stayed there, regardless. She has no idea where her mother went, and hasn’t heard from her since. Ruby has been getting by, just barely but this is about to change when the landlords of the tiny house they’ve been renting, discover she’s alone. They alert the authorities, and suddenly Ruby is taken in by her sister Cora.

Things were different when Ruby’s sister Cora still lived at home, she sort of made it her job to care for Ruby and protect her from their mother. However, Cora’s been gone for ten years, left when she went off to college, and Ruby’s heard little from her since. This does not make for a happy reunion because Ruby doesn’t want to let anyone in, let anyone close. She certainly doesn’t welcome her sister’s assistance.

Ruby would rather just rely on herself, that way she has no one else to let her down. So she makes a plan to just stick it out at her sister’s until she turns eighteen, then she’s out of there. This story progresses nicely and I was seriously hooked watching the slow transformation of Ruby, seeing her thaw gradually.

In My Mail Box #2 | Romántica Adolescente

Helping with this is Jamie, Cora’s sweet, generous, and very welcoming husband. You can’t help but love him, he takes Ruby in with no questions or judgments made, always looking for the good, first, in people. He is just the all-around popular, nice, HOT, next-door neighbor that takes to Ruby immediately, even with her reluctance. I didn’t warm up to Cora at first, but then we learn some things about her, and I couldn’t help but love her too. A Sarah Dessen novel would not be complete without her collection of quirky secondary characters.

She always amasses these unique individuals that just grow on you. Gervais, the twelve-year old genius who rides along with Nate and Ruby everyday to school. Put him in a small, enclosed space with two people every morning and there was no end to the potential for hilarity. Olivia, a fellow student at Perkins Day, always talking on her phone in her free-time, but somehow becomes friends with Ruby.


Then there’s Harriet the caffeine-addict, and Reggie the vitamin seller. Even Roscoe, Cora and Jamie’s dog, manages to get into Ruby’s heart. But after a couple of chapters, I felt, bored with the book, like nothing was happening. And then she met, Nate, a popular jock. That they would become friends or start dating. They became friends, but soon after, I was bored again.

Later, Nate and her started dating, and I wondered if anything would happen that was interesting! But anyways, you probably understand by now, that the book was actually not really interesting, but had sparks of interesting moments.

When I finished reading the last page, i didn’t wish I didn’t read it, but i did also. I could have been fine either way. I wish the book was more like Just Listen or What Happened to Goodbye, two greatly written books by her.

They were more interesting, and well, had drama. I really love how Sarah Dessen writes. While most of young adult authors tell you about the big picture, she takes her time and writes about details, the day-by-day picture. The stories are stories that could happen to anyone, they are belivable but still you fall in love with them. Maybe thats why, because we can identify, not to a certain extent, but fully with the characters and the story.

Not to mention, that Sarah doesnt write specificaly “romance novels”. Of course they talk about romance, there is always romance in her books, but that is not the topic of the book.

At least it is not for me. They are self-growth books. I mean, of course there is romance, and that is part of the self-growth I am talking about.

But, the whole book isnt based on the fact that the guy wants her, or what the guy does, or what she feels about him. There are many dfssen factors.

It is not the center of the book. And the main character always thinks about her future first than in her boyfriend or other stuff that are not as nearly important as her future. She goes to college, cancioon doesnt stay because “her boyfriend is there”, but almost always finds a way to work it out.


She doesnt settle for the easiest thing to do. That is also why I love Sara Dessen. I honestly think this is the best book Sarah Dessen has writen. I havent read them all, but I seriously doubt any other is going to top this one. t

Ruby, the main character, is a seventeen year old, that thinks the only way to live her life happily is being a one-woman-operation. She was raised this way by her mom, who is a tormented woman that is continuously drunk and hit her and her sister when they were younger. Ruby and her mom lived “fine”, moving constantly from one one-bedroom-apartment-with-putrefact-odors to the other.

They evaded taxes, and she changed schools and used fake names many times.



Her sister, Cora, ten years older, had escaped all this when she moved away as soon as she turned Ruby never saw her again since. But now, that her mother abandoned her, she is forced to go live with her sister and her husband in a rich neighborhood and to go to a private school for “rich kid”s. Everything changes so fast that Ruby finds herself attached to her old life and doest want to start a new one.

But, as everything in life, her opinion changes and you find yourself thinking with her to solve her fears, and her future, if she still has one. I absolutely adored this book, and hope it kept going. I read it in three days, couldnt put it down!!

So, definitely a page-turner. Apart from all this, there is a guy in the story. I mean, what would a Sarah Dessen book be without a guy for the main character to fall in love with? Well, this guy is Nate. And he is absolutely dreamy. In other of her books, such as for example “Along for the ride” Eli the guy is fabulous, I loved him, and in “This Lullaby” Dexter was like a stalker for me, Sarah didnt create a guy so good as Nate.

I would have to say that Nate is almost perfect. You will know when you read it. It leaves you with a warm feeling inside, and in my own personal experience, I found the ending so heart warming that I cried.

Sigue al autor

So, be sure to tu this one. You will absolutely love it. When Ruby’s mother abandons her, she is forced to move in with her Sister, Csncion. Compared to living in her old rental-house, Ruby feels very out of place in her sister’s mansion. During her first night, Ruby decides to run away.

While hopping the fence in the back-yard, she is caught by her neighbor, Nate. Keeping her from getting in trouble- Nate becomes the reason that she stays. That night not only led Ruby to discover the whole world is not against her, but to understand the true meaning of family. I seriously thought Sara Dessen was going to be just like Nicholas Sparks, but I was pretty surprised.

Although I did go through a Nicholas Sparks phase, I needed something different in my library. I did become slowly attached to the book, and by the end- I was not sad that the book had ended, but pleased with the ending.

Definately a feel-good novel. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Prime Now Entrega en 1 hora En miles de productos. Productos Reacondicionados Precios bajos en productos revisados por Amazon.

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