L’écrivain Roch Carrier n’y échappa point et il nous livre ici, avec humour et nostalgie, les impressions et les sentiments d’une enfance empreinte des modèles. A French Canadian classic. Strong Quebecois accent. My students loved this lesson. Le Chandail de Hockey by Roch Carrier at – ISBN – ISBN – Livres Toundra – – Softcover.

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Of particular emphasis was the children’s fascination with Maurice Richard. The story has sold overcopies and has been republished in numerous anthologies.

For more information, visit www. Chanrail this from the boy who grew up in a village with no library and no books. Carrier is so angry that he smashes his stick on the ice in frustration, for which the priest scolds him: Sheldon Cohen is an award-winning children’s book illustrator and film animator. Founded in Based in Montreal, Quebec.

The Hockey Sweater is Carrier’s most famous work and is considered an iconic piece of Canadian literature. This Sweater Is for You! It was animated by Sheldon Cohen and voiced by Carrier. When his mother orders a new sweater from the department store in the big city after the old one has worn out, he is mistakenly sent a sweater of Montreal’s bitter rival, the Toronto Maple Leafsinstead.

It exemplifies the nation’s passion for hockey, and while it is often considered an allegory of the relationship and tensions that exist between francophones and anglophonesthe story is popular throughout the entire nation. From the Hardcover edition. Several of eoch works have become classics and are used in schools and rocn around the world. History Toronto Arenas Toronto St.

A year after publication, the National Film Carrieer of Canada adapted the story into a ten-minute animated short film called The Sweater.


Add to list Share On a book page, this tab will allow you to add a book to one of your lists. Nous vivions en trois lieux: In he published his hugely successful novel, La Guerre, Yes Sir!.

They even wore their hair like Richard. Believing his chance had finally come, Carrier jumps onto the ice, only to be given an immediate penalty by the parish priest acting as referee. So I started to write about that and it turned into the Hockey Sweater story. The illustrated book of The Hockey Sweater was among the children’s books included as official Canadian gifts presented to the Prince of Wales and his family during an official visit infor his then nine-year-old son William.

He was told that the network had already booked studio time for him and had been promoting his appearance.

Le Chandail de Hockey (by Roch Carrier & Sheldon Cohen)

His coach removes him from his usual forward position, holding him back as a reserve on defence. Buy this book at: He stated that many francophones cafrier Richard as a “hero of the people, an athletic freedom fighter against the rest of Canada”.

A humiliated Carrier wears the sweater to the rink where his peers stare at him in his blue sweater. Carrier and his friends all wear Canadiens’ sweaters with Richard’s number 9 on the back. Among his many other awards and honors, Mr. Views Read Edit View history.

Le Chandail de Hockey

Enlarge Cover 0 of 5 1 2 3 4 5 0 ratings. Now the village has a brand new library — the Roch Carrier Library. In Cohen approached May Cutlerfounder of Tundra Booksto create an illustrated children’s book of the story. Founded in Based in Toronto, Ontario.

The priest claims Carrier’s substitution is illegal as there are already five players on the ice. He argued that The Sweater is one of the National Film Board’s best animated works that combined humour with cultural significance. Montreal’s star player from untilRichard was a prolific goal scorer.


Retrieved from ” https: Explorations into Children’s LiteratureDeakin University, 12 2p. As he remained unwilling to present his essay, Carrier was asked to write about anything he wanted roxh fill the time. Considering what to write, Carrier thought of his own childhood.

It was published in as The Hockey Sweater[8] and by had sold overcopies. End by Roch Carrier.

The Hockey Sweater – Wikipedia

As an illustration of the place hockey holds in the Canadian psyche, the Bank of Canada placed a line from the story on chabdail reverse of the series five-dollar bill[14] making Carrier the first author to be quoted on a Canadian banknote. By the third period, he still has not played when one of his team’s defencemen is struck with a stick. The Hockey Sweater Pour toujours, les Canadiens! We were ten players all wearing the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens, all with the same burning enthusiasm.

His much-loved children’s story, The Hockey Sweater, remains a timeless favorite. Contacting facebook Please wait It appeared in an English translation by Sheila Fischman the same year as part of an English collection of Carrier’s work called The Hockey Sweater and other stories. Please login or register to use this feature.

Carrier lives in Montreal. Carrier faces the persecution of his peers and his coach prevents him from playing. Carrier spent several weeks trying to answer the question, ultimately producing what he described as a “flat essay” that was “dull as an editorial in a newspaper”.