Heinrich Lausberg, Handbook of Literary Rhetoric: A Foundationf or Literary Study. Foreword by George A. Kennedy. Translated by Matthew T. LAUSBERG, Heinrich, Handbook of Literary Rhetoric: A Foundation for Literary Study (trans. Matthew T. Bliss, Annemiek Jansen and David E. Orton; ed. H. Lausberg: Handbook of Literary Rhetoric. A Foundation for Literary Study ( trans. D. F. Orton and R. D. Anderson). Pp. xxxi + Leiden, Boston, and.

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Handbook of Literary Rhetoric

Log In Sign Up. Handbook of Literary Rhetoric. A Foundation for Literary Study trans. Leiden, Boston, and Cologne: Brill, first published in German2nd edn The concluding chapter secondly considers the degree to which descriptions of a locus amoenus are woven into their respective literary contexts.

To speak of selection is perhaps to misuse the word.

Lausberg leaves nothing out. The excess of detail is intolerable and self-defeating.

Rheforic handling the material, Lausberg owes most to Quintilian, the fullest of the ancient sources. Those rather caustic remarks about the first edition of L. Douglas, published in the CR pp. A great deal of thought and scholarship has been contributed to the study of rhetoric in the forty years since that early review was written. Ancient rhetoric has enjoyed a renaissance in contemporary poetics, theory of literature, and cultural studies, among writers as diverse as Wayne Booth and Michel Foucault.


More strictly within the realm of classical studies, many leading scholars including George Kennedy and Donald Russell have rhetorkc much to put the history of rhetoric and the study of individual rhetorical texts on a more secure footing. It is telling that this revival of interest has been favourable to L. lausbeerg

Handbook of Literary Rhetoric: A Foundation for Literary Study

First, there now seems to be little basis for objecting to the great number and detail of sources in the work. Researchers in Latin and Greek literature who are working lauxberg should always use compendious works of reference. Indeed, for a number of recent studies of the rhetorization of ancient literature to have come about, the kind of comprehensiveness and breadth offered by L.

A claim that L. The response to that claim does not only have to rest on principles of anti-foundationalism which are currently in favour. One could also appeal to historicist common sense: It is a characteristic of rhetoricians as it is of all kinds of teachers to present personal perspectives as the perspectives, to present independent opinions as official demonstrations.

At least, with the encyclopedic scope of this Handbook, L. Surely part of the point of reading ancient literature is to acquire a better understanding of later literatures: And this Handbook is more than a glossary of technical terms purely within rhetoric: A Guide to Classical Rhetoric.


A handbook concisely introducing the classical rhetoricians seems a good idea; unfortunately, this book does not do the job well. An introduction provides a brief but unreliable historical overview. The history of rhetorical theory that follows is also misleading in detail.

The bulk of the book comprises thirty short chapters summarizing the works of major rhetoricians. Hermagoras is omitted the loss of his works is not a sufficient explanation: Corax and Tisias have a chapterand so is Sopater. Quintilian is covered in fifteen pages.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

But the major flaw is that these epitomes are too detailed for the space available. But even when this pitfall is avoided the summaries make no liiterary to help the reader make sense of the material: But in general the bibliographical references are commendably up to date: It is a strong sign of the increasing vigour of this field that supplements are already needed: Remember me on this computer.

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