Ok so I have just read the book “A perfect marriage” by Laurey Bright and I just had to write a review on it (you shall see why as you read on). A Perfect Marriage By Laurey Bright – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Broken VowsTo their friends, family and neighbors, Celine and Max Archer had a perfect marriage. Only the Archers knew they’d never been in.

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For those of you who have not read the book, and may want to do so in future do not read my review below as it contains many spoilers. Reading this book almost raised my blood pressure! By the way I should just slot in that in the book it was mentioned that he was in love with his previous fiance but she died and he never got over it, so their marriage was technically based on friendship, he even kept a picture of this ex in his bedside drawer seriously, come on now. The wife is aware bgight this and for some bloody reason just accepted it as a given.

So anyway throughout the book the heroine continues to be a doormat and so prim and proper it makes your head hurt.

She cooks him dinner, coffee and dessert when he comes to pick up his belongings. And then there is a point where the hero gets jealous because another man shows some interest in the heroine; pot and kettle come to mind.

So when he cheats and she throws this back in his face, all he says is that he should never have said that before. This characters in this book are so annoyingly calm and quite frankly fucked up, that I have never read a book before and gotten such a strong reaction out of it. Now does anyone find that whole scenario twisted and stupid? Like really, now you feel bad?

Now, how can someone say that? Also the fact that the father knows the situation, knows that he cheated and moved out to be with the other woman, but continues to encourage his daughter to get back with this loser?

I guess people may say that love conquers all and all that but when it comes to cheating, the only thing that will be conquering anything is my fist over your face.


Towards the end of the book the wife ends up pregnant with his child we all saw that coming, total clicheand then get this he says its over with the other woman and this complete idiot responds like so:. His eyes probed hers. She looked down at his hands holding hers. Someone sane please tell me they think this is completely fucked up!?

It took courage to come here-and even more to leave with dignity. He cast her a rueful smile. If the character had been more stronger, and made the hero grovel and pay for his mistake then I would have understood and accepted them getting back together.

I take no martyrs. Also to any men out there, in the real world this would never happen, so if you cheat on your partner, unless she is a wet, mousy, doormat who lacks backbone, do not expect anything even slightly related to the above.

LOL I have read your blog and I can believe that. I think in real life they act the way the do because of the positions they are in.

A perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright Review

So starting over for them will be too hard, whereas starting over for men seems to be so much easier. I really do feel for these women, we all think they are stupid, but when they were younger they probably said that they would never stay with a cheater. Staying with someone in a relationship is NEVER black and white unless you are being abused there is no reason for that…I do not even consider cheating a definite end to a relationship although I am not a fan of relationships to begin with.

I feel like you take the risk of getting hurt in a relationship nright you feel the reward is greater than the risk marriafe part of working things out is dealing with things as they come if you go in with set deal breakers what is the point? Women do act this believe it or not.

To protect themselves from form rumors, shame, and disrespect. Also some are old fashioned, and their devotion forces them to ignore it. Other do it for the sake of children.

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This one seemed to get you worked up. Haha, you have no idea how worked up I got, I was actually cussing out loud when reading this and then proceeded to furiously type out the post above!

I am so sick of reading about forgiving your cheating spouse and trying to reconcile. To begin with, there are people far better than the one that cheated on you. Actually, you could walk into any bar in the world, swing a cat, and hit someone that is better than your current spouse, simply by virtue of the fact that that they have not cheated on you.


If you lost a leg, you would not argue that now your body is stronger than before. Your ability to ever love your spouse unreservedly again. For every day of your life you have to live with the knowledge that this person cheated on you and gutted you emotionally.

And while you may be able to do the mental gymnastics to live with that, I can tell you from experience, that it IS better on the other side. Cheaters often cheat again. Who wants to live waiting for that shoe to drop? I completely agree with everything you have mentioned.

But if the relationship is going great, you both feel the love, then having your cake and eating it too is just selfish and demands strong consequences.

Just not worth it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

A Perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright – FictionDB

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Ever heard of self-respect? Towards the end of the book the wife ends up pregnant with his child we all saw that coming, total clicheand then get this he says its over with the other woman and this complete idiot responds like so: May q, at 9: May 31, at May 31, at 8: May 31, at 9: June 3, at 1: June 4, at 8: Marrriage 9, at 2: June 2, at June 2, at 6: August 24, at 1: August 24, at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Address never made public.

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