Workbook to Accompany The Complete Musician: Workbook 2: Skills and Musicianship [Steven Laitz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I actually have the answer key to the workbook, as I requested it from the publisher when I taught it at my previous institution. It’s not nearly as. Hey everyone – kind of a shot in the dark, but I ordered all three products for Steven Laitz’s “The Complete Musician” off of amazon, and opted to.

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It has, by far, the best musical examples of any textbook available on the market today.

The exercises, which incrementally progress from easier to harder, are highly original and just plain fun to do. It subtly reinforces the idea that a musician needs an understanding of each aspect of the musical universe in order to excel in any of its specialized areas. The CompleteMusician trains music students to think like composers, which cannot help but make them better performers.


If you want a thorough and approachable book that gets behind, or into the head indeed, heart and soul of composers whose music you’ve known; want to know how it works the way it does, and why; want to see the mechanics, an appreciation of which serves only to enhance your sense of admiration for their technique, then The Complete Musician can be recommended wholeheartedly.

Laitz is the current editor of the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy. Musical Space and Time; 2: Harnessing Space and Time: Introduction to Melody and Two-Voice Counterpoint; 3: When Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm Converge; 5: Contrapuntal Expansions of Compleete and Dominant: Accented and Chromatic Dissonances; Other Small Musical Structures: Sentences, Double Periods, and Asymmetrical Laiz Tonicization and Modulation; Expansion of Musocian Mixture Harmonies: Chromatic Modulation and the German Lied; The Neapolitan Chord bII ; New Harmonic Tendencies; Melodic and Harmonic Symmetry Combine: The Pitch Realm; b.

Pulse, Rhythm, and Meter; c. Chanel Daniele Bott Inbunden.


The two workbooks that accompany The Complete Musician: Writing and Analysis is dedicated exclusively to written and analytical activities. Skills and Musicianship focuses on musicianship skills. Bloggat om Writing and Analysis Workbook to Accompan