Egill Skallagrímsson ( circa – circa) fu uno scaldo islandese e un grande anti-eroe della letteratura islandese. Alcune narrazioni dicono che uccise 20 o più uomini armati con una sola mano e che divenne berserker con relativa facilità . A dispetto di questo, fu considerato un guaritore, e la sua saga narra che lui. Many scholars attribute Egil’s Saga to medieval Iceland’s most famous writer, SNORRI Egill Skallagrímsson en un manuscrito del siglo XVII de la Saga de Egil. Esta saga es una de las obras maestras de la narrativa isalandesa medieval. Narra la vida del poeta, vikingo y campesino, y fue escrita hacia el año por el.

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Earl Hroald he set over the Firthfolk.

The king ordered his men to disembark and his standard to be raised. For several summers they were out roving, but stayed at home in winter with their fathers. To this he bade a numerous company, the best men that could be found. Skallagrim also sent his men up on the salmon-rivers to fish. Ye shall bear my greeting to my son Grim, when ye meet, and tell him withal that if he come to Iceland, and things so turn out that unlikely as it may seem I be there first, then he shall choose him a homestead as near as may be to where I have come ashore.

That same autumn the sons of Atli set on Aulvir Hnuf at his home, and would fain have slain him. Thorolf went to wkallagrimsson father, and father and son had some talk together.

Then Thorir paid out of hand such property in his house as skalagrimsson to Thora; and thereafter Thorir and Bjorn were good brothers-in-law and friends. In all they slew near upon a hundred, and took immense booty, and returned in the spring after doing this.


Egil told his father that he wished to go. But when they got a shift of wind back again, then they sailed for the land. With the fair wind the ships kept well together, and for long time were in sight of each other.

Egil’s Saga – Icelandic Saga Database

Skallagrim and Kveldulf then recaptured a boat that had been seized from Thorolf, and after killing everyone on board, sent a taunting poem to the King. His son was Brynjolf, who was sole heir to all his father’s wealth. Thorgils was manager at Torgar, and bore rule there when Thorolf was not at home.

It was now autumn, and king Harold was advised not to go south in autumn-tide. Sigmund was the name of the man whom Skallagrim set by North-river; he dwelt at what was then called Sigmundstead, but now Hauga.

Saga de Egil Skallagrimsson : Snorri Sturluson :

Then Bard died, and was buried, and his death was much mourned. He had accrued land and property from viking raidsand was a man of wisdom. Thorolf gathered great stores of what there was in Halogaland, employing waga men after the herrings and in other fishing; seal-hunting there was too in abundance, and egg-gathering, and all such provision he had brought to him.

Beigaldi was a coal-biter.

Egil’s Saga

As a poet, Egil was a powerful and valued man. But when these brothers heard of his coming, Herlaug with twelve men entered the sepulchral mound zaga they had caused to be made they were three winters at the skallaggimssonand the mound then was closed after them. Thorolf answered that he would not take of the king compulsory terms or reconciliation. Sigtrygg and Hallvard were with him: Skallagrim watched their course, and where they lay to in haven at eventide.


Egil’s Saga

He set Odd Lonehouse by Cleave-river to see to the salmon-fishing there. Determined to end his own life, the grieving Egil skalpagrimsson convinced by his daughter to write a poem for his son. He appears to be a shallow creature and in many instances the only time he appears to put much thought into anything is when he composes and recites poetry. They kept about them a large following; sakllagrimsson were not generally in favour, but the king prized them highly.

There he left his ships behind, skallagrimsaon crossed the isthmus northwards to Naumdale. The king had a ring of men set round the hall: These had got to know how Hallvard and his brother were come from the south with a large force meaning to attack Thorolf.

Egil commits massacre, killing Onund, as well as Eric’s 10 year-old prince Rognvald. Wolf and eagle tread as prey Princes born to sovereign sway. Thorolf came down from the fell to Vefsnir; then went first to his farm at Sandness, stayed there awhile, and in spring went with his men north to Torgar. Then they had a son, who was sprinkled with water and named Thorolf.

Meanwhile Thorolf was with the king, and in great honour. And this is to tell of his journey, that late in the evening he came to Swan-ness, when men sat there a-drinking.