Operating instructions, Kx-ta, Kx-ta • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic KX-TA User Manual. Panasonic KX-TA • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Installation Manual MODEL. KX-TA KX-TA Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid System. System Highlights System Capacity.

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Flashing the hookswitch can be also msnual to disconnect a call, if the flash time is more than the assigned time in program []. Features Volume Control Allows a proprietary telephone user to adjust the following volumes, as necessary, by adjusting the corresponding levers or pressing the corresponding buttons. Preferred Line Assignment – Outgoing Features Preferred Line Assignment — Outgoing A proprietary telephone user can select manuwl desired outgoing line preference to make outside calls from the following 3 line preferences.

Panasonic KX-TA user manual – – Solve your problem

NOTE You can identify the data of manufacturing by serial number which is marked on the right side of the main unit. Manyal at least 1.

System Programming [] [] Extension Manuwl Setting in Russian Assigns a name to each extension in Russian which will be displayed when making or receiving an intercom call. Features Date and Time Setting A manager or operator can adjust the current time. The user can enter any account code, if needed.


Panasonic KX-TA616 Installation Manual

The user can make a toll call with their COS number. The Intercept Routing feature works in the following 2 cases.

Page kx-tta616 Aller. Page 7 Contents Conference 3-Party Page Section 5 Appendix An idle line is automatically selected from the pre-assigned lines in program [].

Polarity Sensitive Telephone Connection 2. These are used to print out or refer to the SMDR call records and system programming data.

It is preferable not to install the system in the same room with the above equipment. Call Forwarding Features Call Forwarding Allows an extension user to transfer mannual calls automatically to another extension or to an external destination. The CO button indicator will flash when an outside call is received.

This is the time between a call reaching the system and being received. Opening the Top Front Cover Press the DSS button to transfer an outside call. System Restart causes the following. Don’t show me this message again.

A warning tone is sent to both parties 15 seconds before the time-limit. Denied Calls Excepted Calls No restriction. While Operating []-[] System Programming [] External Paging Access Tone Enables or disables the confirmation tone before paging is sent over the external pager.

Call Park Features Call Park Allows an extension user to place a held call into a system parking area. Features Extension Group The system supports 8 extension groups.

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Contents Section 5 Appendix Default Values System Programming [] [] Extension Name Setting Assigns a name to each extension which will be displayed when making or receiving an intercom call. System Programming and Proprietary Telephone Settings are required. Before Mamual Programming Programming example The following programming instructions assume that you have already entered the programming mode.


If enabled, an extension user can interrupt an established call. Outside Mannual Line Connection Door opener 1 Door opener 4 Door opener 2 Door opener 3 To the door openers 2. Articles for builders and handymans Basics of first aid Basics of life safety Big encyclopedia for children and adults Biographies of famous scientists Children’s science laboratory Factory technology at home.

Features External Feature Access Allows an extension user to access special features e. amnual

Panasonic KX-TA616 User Manual – Download

UCD Outside line no. When an extension user dials an Automatic Line Access number before a mnual number, an available outside CO line from the assigned lines in program [] is seized automatically. Features Flexible Buttons A proprietary telephone PT user can change the flexible buttons on the telephone and DSS console to certain function buttons.