Zygmunt Kruczek at Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. Bronisława Figures – uploaded by Zygmunt Kruczek [w:] Kompendium pilota wycieczek,. red. Recommended reading list: k, Pilotaż wycieczek zagranicznych; Z. Kruczek. Kompendium pilota wycieczek; , Poradnik pilota; 2. Kruczek Z., (red.) , Kompendium pilota wycieczek. Wydawnictwo Proksenia, Kraków. 3. Kruczek Z., (red.) , Jakość usług w pilotażu i przewodnictwie.

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Tourist attractions constitute the main element of a tourist product. Complex Research into Tourist Attractions and Attractiveness 4. The author discusses the role and tasks of the tourist guides as well as the factors determining the occurrence of the tourist guide service within the structure of the regional tourist product. The process of creation and operation of amusements parks has been illustrated on the example of the Euro Disney Resort, whereas the process of globalization has been shown on the example of the operation of the world leader in the sphere of amusement parks — the Walt Disney corporation.

The latter ones attract over million visitors worldwide. Table of Contents Introduction 1. Among the millions of attractions that have come to be over the last few years, there are those whose task is merely to take money from tourists; they have no aesthetic or cultural value, and are not authentic sights.

Geography and Tourism Studies.


Kruczek, Zygmunt

One kuczek region is Selected Research Tools and Techniques A. The planned routes will be registered in the European Industrial Heritage Routes system. He specializes in research on tourist attractions, regional aspects of the geography of tourism, tourism promotion and information as well as in research on tourist cadres.

Tourism potential of countries in European Union. Szlaki kulturowe a turystyka edukacyjna. Structure, trends and prediction of development more. It also draws a profile of the tourist planning to take such a trip and it identifies the most important tour operators, indicating the ten most important in the national exotic trip tour operator kimpendium. From to two cycles of development are isolated, the collapse of tourist attendance in the mines being caused by external factors the collapse of the tourism market in the s and the flooding of the walkways in Together with the changes which are currently taking place in world tourism, the social and professional roles of tourist guides are also undergoing a process of gradual transformation.

Zygmunt Kruczek | University of Physical Education in Cracow –

The Evolution of Tourist Attractions 2. Tourist attractions are the main feature of a tourism product. Geography and Cultural Tourism.

Exotic cultural tourism trends, tour operators, participants more. The participation of disabled persons in tourists trips is a constantly growing phenomenon. A monograph, a result of the international conference “Anthropology of tourism – heritage and perspectives” organized in Krakow Poland inis a volume presenting different aspects of antrhopology of tourism and history of tourism The ethical controversy of this form of tourism was summerized with particular attention to dysfunctions relating to child sex tourism.


W literaturze przedmiotu brakuje opracowania rozwoju i ewolucji atrakcji turystycznych. A SWOT analysis was krucsek for the Carpathian oil route, and attention was drawn to the benefi ts for the natural environment kokpendium local communities resulting from the creation of tourist routes.

Remember me on this computer. They also show what impact the above changes exert on the competitiveness of the spa region. Because of the range of promotional activities used the mine is presented as a model of wyccieczek promotion.

This paper proposes a Educational tourism is often using for its own benefit schemes created by cultural routes. Problematyka deregulacji zawodu pilota wycieczek i przewodnika turystycznego, ed. Educational tourism is travel aimed at kkruczek or expanding knowledge. Skip to main content.

Forecasts of tourism development for Europe. Former mines and distilleries have become technological heritage sites, and many structures are in need of revitalisation. Quantity and structure of international tourism traffic in Europe, incomes from tourism. One distinguishes many different categories of tourist product; one of them is the service of a tourist guide and tour leader.

Tourism and Tourism, Museums, Tourist Attractions.