Introduction * Preface * The arrangement * Note. Repertory of. HERING’S GUIDING SYMPTOMS of our Materia Medica By Calvin B. Knerr, M. D.. Preface * . A repertory of Hering’s guiding symptoms of our materia medica. by Knerr, Calvin B. (Calvin Brobst), ; Hering, Constantine, State of being of the same heart and mind, harmony. Arrangement in ABC order of important words used by the author or in a book.. KNERR’S REPERTORY.

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But these drugs are found inside repertory proper. Pearson writes, “His home on Camac Street was filled with books, pictures and mementoes pertaining to homoeopathy. For a considerable length of time Knerr’s repertory remained out of print.

Preface Table of contents List of remedy abbreviation with their names 48 depertory including like stages of life and constitution and drug relationship.

Possibly a wrong modality in Knerr repertory. Cross-reference is given in main heading itself.

: Calvin B. Knerr: Books

Inner symptoms and functions first. I Is the lowest, and designates an occasionally confirmed symptom. Kner every drug has the relationship as following: So 1 page is added.

Hering, throughout his entire Materia Medica work viz. The last chapter, 48th chapter, is on Drug Relationships. Such separation may have its uses.


Thus the order of arrangement of chapters is in Hahnemannian schema. As per symptoms available the totality can be framed as follows: Upon Hering’s death in Knerr became responsible for the completion of the volume Guiding Symptoms. Under Cough, I Cough; slight fever. Hence it is more useful in clinical practice. Now available on computer, the complexity reperotry difficulty of Knerr’s repertory have given way to ease of access through simple search functions. Symptoms should be alike and similar in intensity of drug.

He revised the whole work, portions of which he wrote anew for this edition.


Boenninghausen first used this word in the homoeopathic literature in the earlier edition of Therapeutic Pocket Book; This repertory was first time published by F. For reertory in the chapter female sexual organs we find the rubric menses.

It contains mental symptoms, kerr symptoms, particulars, concomitants, clinical symptoms, toxicological symptoms, etc. Indicates an approved characteristic, but is seldom used, by reason of our not wishing to appear authoritative. II Cough haemoptysis 3 There are certain differences in similar symptoms. Certain prophylactics are given re;ertory rubric: His was a life of unceasing work, and even when confined to bed he actually prescribed for his patients.


On close observation one may see that the symptom under each rubric and sub rubrics also follow an alphabetical order.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Constantine Hering as his assistant. First of all, all the indications are given nkerr an alphabetical order marked the main circumstantial association by bolder types.

Knerr gives about the order of arrangement, which he followed, how the rubrics are placed.

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Tissue affinities, sensations, and modalities. Not used in book, it is given in parenthesis.

And in which cases require polychrests many cases that Kent and Knerr point to the same remedy after repertorization. In the Homeopathic Herald memoriam Dr. Knerr agreed to grant Messrs. The rubric word to each paragraph is printed in full to avoid possible error. Then era of regional repertories and repertories of various diseases arrived. Such observations from the Old School or the New as are worthy of our reperrory.