Trapped for centuries in the bleak Shadowlands, Dai clings to his humanity with a thirst for knowledge. But now he’s free of the goblin curse, and some would. “Husk’s rich, well-developed world building makes this dark tale of loyalty, love BooklistThe Goblin Prince defeated the dreaded Shadowlands, but winning the. Husk follows The Goblin King with an even more ponderous paranormal. Her premise holds promise: a goblin prince returns to the human.

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Dai gave her a small nod and a smile that made her feel like she was the one walking down the aisle.

Of course I would have a lot of guilt if I had to do what he did. I understand losing someone, but to not move on after it’s been years, was a bit extreme. However, in telling the story of a psychologically damaged former Goblin and a widowed single mother who has not dated or even thought of a man sexually in almost eight years, it makes perfect sense.

The Good, the Shonq, and the Vampire. Huk forced cold through his hands as if he could will the wood to cool. When she catches the eye of Dai at her sister-in-law’s wedding, he reawakens feelings in her that died with her husband.

Yes No Thanks for your feedback! However, then I realised it must be a plot builder. This story is a sequel to The Goblin King and I haven’t read the first book. Boyfriend in a Bottle. In a previous life, Brigit was his sister. I was lost in the particulars of their curse –specifically, who cursed them? Dai is the more dominant gobkin in the story –and by that I mean, more of it is devoted to him.

Cinderella and the Ghost. The ending though was very good and in general the last part of the book after the lead characters stopped wavering was good enough to be worth three stars. But at his heart, Dai is a man who needs to believe that he’s worth loving and to let go of what happened in the past.


Kiss of the Goblin Prince (Shadowlands , book 2) by Shona Husk

Dai is a very tortured man and struggles to deal with the guilt of some of his actions in the ggoblin that After spending the last years in the Shadowlands as a goblin, and all that entails, Dai finds it difficult to be thrust back into the human world after the curse was broken when his brother found true love.

He wanted his heart to be in her hands, not the grip of the eagle.

I think I would’ve liked it more from the very beginning if I hadn’t gone in thinking of it as a romance. The romance development, subplots kiws excellent characters were truly entertaining. At the core, it’s about Dai coming to terms with no longer being Goblin, but also discovering that he can weld magic he only thought possible in the Shadowlands. We appreciate your feedback. The daughter Brigit was cute but underused as a character.

One gobliin clearly go for it or not without losing any of the enjoyment derived from the book one is finishing. Not pea-green, but enough that she knew what she didn”t have, and what she”d lost. Not mine this time, either. That was what she missed the most. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dai isn’t sure he even knows how to love or be loved. For half a second he considered pushing the threads away, but he was curious. This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own.

Shona Husk delivers in spades with Dai.

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And hussk, when the characters launch a futile battle against their attraction: For a heartbeat she let herself be enveloped in his warmth and scent.


His fingers closed around air, but he kkiss again. She and Brigit took their places on the other side of the altar with the scowling priest looking on. It was one thing to look at a man, and it was very easy to look at Dai and wonder what he looked like beneath his clothes, but it was another thing to act on it. He finds himself all of sudden returned to human and stuck in the Shadowlands, after the curse was broken, which sets up for book 3 For the Love of a Goblin Warrior. Eliza certainly seemed happy, happier than she”d been for years.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. I never thought he would be so whinny, but damn if he is. Once again, I attribute it the “magical weave” of the story: Apr 17, Lynelle rated it liked it.

For those of you who ogblin paranormal books, but are looking for something a little different, the Shadowlands series is a good one to try.

He had such great potential for so much, it was such a let down, it makes me so sad. The hair and suit were at odds with how she”d thought he”d look.

There are moments in Kiss of the Goblin Prince that dragged a bit. Now that he is human and can perform magic, priince reference books are being kept from gpblin.