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Keyence BL ultra compact bar code scanners are half the size of standard readers, measuring just 31 x 40 x 21 mm. The BL measures just 1/2 the size. Keyence BL Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner – BLC1 Configuration: BLC1 Keyence BL ultra compact bar code scanners are half the size of. BL, Ultra Small Laser Barcode Reader, Standard Type, Front Raster in BL- series by KEYENCE INTERNATIONAL (BELGIUM).

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Keyence BL-601 Manuals

Please contact us to complete your request. Using a different voltage.

Setting The Bl And Plc Table of contents Safety Precautions Label Orientation Add Function Mercury Drive Champaign, IL Setup Of Direct Control Commands Stock Quick Quote. Label Orientation Mode Bl6-01, what if you were able to see a piece of equipment before you purchased it?

Buying used equipment doesn’t always have to be a shot in the dark.


Keyence BL | Cybarcode, Inc.

Laser Bar Code Reader. One of our friendly Customer Service representatives will be contacting you shortly with information on when the equipment you requested will be available for viewing. Symbology Id Add Function Please contact one of our Customer Support Specialists if you have any questions about what is included with this equipment or if you require any additional information.

Chapter 7 Serial Communication List Of Error Messages If the unit is dropped or shocked, it may be damaged.

Using a different voltage level may damage the unit. Details On Parameter Setting Commands Changing The Scanning Width Mounting Angle And Distance Installing Setup Software The units may hit each other. Multi-drop Link Communication rs Multi-label Read Mode 3 multi 3 Using advanced Keyence control technology the BL operates at scans per second.

Chapter 8 Plc Link Take due consideration when transporting or installing the unit. Chapter 2 Overview Decode Match Count Add Function Use of controls or adjustments or the performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.


Not just a picture from the manufacturer’s website, but the actual piece of equipment you would receive. All logos and trademarks are properties of their respective companies.

Starting The Test Mode Detailed Description Of Device Assignment Setting The Bl Series Reading Rate Check Mode Code Type Add Function Wiring The Rsa Otherwise, generated noise may cause product.


Keyence Barcode Laser Sensor BL New | eBay

The units may hit each other and become damaged. B-601 The Bl-u2 And N Multi-label Read Mode 1 multi 1 Appendix I Checksum Calculation Method Data Memory Areas Code Length designated Digit Output Function Labels Location Warning labels are attached to the sensor head as shown below.

Class II Laser Product.