First off, we are talking about the standard bristlenose pleco, Ancistrus sp., that . becomes important to maintain breeding levels of optimum water quality. When preparing to breed bristlenose plecos, you first need to There is a belief among some in the fish keeping hobby, that if you use the full. Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Catfish. K likes. Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose is a book for those who love bristlenose catfish. In its 67 pages.

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Another tip to keep in mind, if you are ever going to consider breeding your Bristlenose Pleco, is that ajd can encourage the breeding cycle by offering them live, and frozen foods such as daphnia, bloodworms and blackworms.

They must be using the connecting pipes to move between the tanks Your email address will not be published. Most commonly found in the Amazon river basin of South America, the Bristlenose Pleco is a hardy fish which can survive and thrive in a variety of different habitats.

The male Pleco will find his territory, and will make it his won, defending it from the other male Plecos in the tank, if you have any. The Bristlenose will keep your aquarium free from algae but it will also produce waste so filtration is vitally important not only to maintain water quality but to aerate the water as well.

In terms of the best water temperatures and pH range for Bristlenose Plecos, we would recommend anywhere from degrees Fahrenheit, and a pH range of 5. Bristlenose Catfish certainly have become very popular aquarium fish over the years. Quality information is the obvious answer, as things will go wrong when you leave your outcome to chance.

Tanganyika Imports Australia Pet Breeder. More live foods would be recommended during this time. September 21, at 2: If you are starting a tank from scratch though, just for your Bristlenoses, how far you go though is up to you.

Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide

Remember the hiding place that we mentioned earlier? So was it any good I here you ask? Having said that though, how successful you may actually become will definitely depend on how knowledgeable you become and how well you do your research. If you are bristlsnose in breeding the Bristlenose Pleco, then you are in luck, as they are one of the easiest Pleco fish to breed at home.


Please enter your name here. I also really liked the fact it covered things that I probably would never have thought of searching for in the first place.

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So firstly, water conditions just as with any aquarium fish, are important. The thing that really attracted me the most was the author was quite experienced and his credentials stacked up. Bristlenose Plecos are also reasonably easy to breed as well. One of the most popular species of Pleco fish you will find in home aquariums all over the globe.

Log into your account. You can fit out your Bristlenose Catfish tank with either live or imitation plants, gravel, rocks or stones and other tank decorations or if you like you can just bristlenoee the basics.

Bristlenose Catfish – Keeping and Breeding | Bristlenose Catfish

As we mention early during the breeding section, male Bristlenose Plecos can be extremely territorial and competitive when it comes time for breeding, so keep that in mind when deciding on how many of them to purchase.

They will generally live around 20 years if they are looked after correctly, and they are healthy. When I first got serious about keeping Bristlenose Catfish aka Bristlenose Plecos and in particular breeding them, I started searching the internet for information.

How can u tell the difference between male and female bristle nose catfish. This is where your Plecos will generally breed, so make sure there is plenty of space for them to do their thing.

Normally some of these eBooks are just thrown together by someone just trying to make a fast buck, but not in this instance. June 30, at Bristlenose Plecos are an brislenose hardy fish, so the temperature and pH range is a bit broader than you would expect for a more fragile fish.


Sometimes I think they just do this to spite bristlenoes. So, all in all, I felt it was a really good read. Well I thought it was. June 8, at 1: Remember though, everything you add to your tank will add to brseding amount of work you have to do to maintain it. July 17, at 8: A large piece of wood, a piece of PVC piping or a plant pot are a few examples of hiding places that will suffice.

You know you can spend a lot of time searching through endless web pages trying to scrape together all the information you need and then trying to decide just what is credible and what is not.

As long as your tank is in good condition, clean and the fish have plenty of hiding places, you should have no problems at all.

Bristlenose Catfish – Keeping and Breeding

Where previously i have used individual tanks, i have recently moved to a connected and sump filtered system with 7 tanks 6x 2ft and 1x 4ft. January 4, at 4: Keeping Bristlenose in planted tanks and their effect on plants, keeping Bristlenose with other fish and how Bristlenose can have an effect on some fish while some fish can have an effect on the Bristlenose.

Therefore I thought it was quite rare to find someone who was so well qualified in a topic to breedin go ahead and write an eBook about it.

To increase the chances of a successful breed, we would recommend at least a 2 to 1 ratio of females to male. The two main pieces of information to take away from this article regarding the Bristlenose Pleco diet is that they briwtlenose bottom feeding fish, and are predominantly bereding.

If that is the case, then the Bristlenose Pleco will need to obtain fiber from somewhere else. Therefore never bite off more than you can chew. Their hardy nature also allows them to feel comfortable in a wide variety of tank conditions.

To increase the chances of a successful breed, you can simply transfer the container with the eggs attached to them, to another tank.