Back Issues|Kateigaho International Japan Edition is a magazine featuring. Information|Kateigaho International Japan Edition is a magazine featuring. Back Issue. KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL Japan EDITION Autumn.

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Bvlgari — The beauty of handwork Japanese Texts. Pages with broken file links.

The Kunisaki Peninsula in northeastern Kyushu is part of Oita prefecture. Learn the skills and story behind this rebirth,focusing particularly on a set of treasures among treasures: The inaugural issue was published in We visit the workshops of five contemporary knifemakers, who explain the process of making the durable knives of Echizen.

The focus of each book is an aspect of Japan’s arts and culture, often of interest to those who collect or wear kimono, tea ceremony, or appreciate other kateigsho of the culture. From July through FebruaryFrance is home to Japonismes kategiaho, a celebration of the th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Japan.

Back Issues

There are said to be somefestivals throughout Japan, so we asked matsuri connoisseur Tetsuya Yamamoto to recommend his pick for each day for a month. Kateigaho International Japan Edition is now also available as a digital magazine, to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere in the world.


KIE Winter Issue, vol 2. What better time to discover them all than during early summer, when forests and fields come alive with a glorious display of kateiagho green foliage?

Spring / Summer Okinawa’s Edible Delights|Kateigaho International Japan Edition

Prices listed below are revised rates as of April 1, Which ones will you choose? Subscribe to Digital Magazine. KIE Winter Issue, vol KIE Summer Issue, vol 8. Payment by PayPal also accepted. The above link directs you to “Fujisan. Submit my order The above link directs you to “Fujisan.

Facebook Join us for daily chats about kimono, geisha and traditional culture on Facebook. Meet Our Robot Friends! The seaside town of Kamakura, not far from Tokyo, has long been home and cultural nexus for a large contingent of writers, artists, and intellectuals.

KIE Inaugural Issue. KIE Autumn Issue, vol Click here for single copy orders of current and back issues Japanese website only. Gusuku—Remnants of bygone dreams.


It can be purchased without the extra shipping costs and is recommended for readers overseas. Sushi is one realm in which intdrnational notable restaurants are actually beyond Tokyo.

A decade of painstaking restorations have been completed at the castle with breathtaking results, making this an excellent time to explore the history, industry, art,and gourmet offerings of this city with a culture all its own.

Spring / Summer Cruising Kyushu|Kateigaho International Japan Edition

Meet Our Robot Friends! A series of events and exhibitions in Paris and elsewhere showcases the creativity and aesthetics of Japan in all their diversity. Artist Internatinoal Japanese Texts.

KIE Spring Issue, vol 7. Delicate in flavor and beneficial for health, Japanese tea is popular around the world.

Back Issue

Tea Ceremony and the Roots of Green Tea. To renew existing subscriptions previously ordered thru our customer support at Sekaibunka.

KIE Summer Issue, vol