I received a system that included the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault that retails for $5,, an M Player ($4,) and a 1U Server ($9,). Convenience like this is costly — alone the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault costs $6, Couple the M with a Blue-Ray server and the cost. Insert your Blu-ray discs and CDs and the M Disc Vault automatically copies them onto your Kaleidescape System. Protected DVDs are not.

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Blu-ray won’t allow for this so the hard drive will not play a Blu-ray that it has not found in the disc vault or in a player’s optical m070 on the network.

This feature is great when you don’t quite know what you want to watch as you might pause on one thing and be reminded kalediescape another film by the same actor or a similar piece thanks to the intelligent shuffling of covers.

I spoke earlier of legal issues and Kaleidescape has had plenty of them in the past but they are past all of that now. From the automatic import of Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs, to the ability to organize hundreds of your discs, the M Disc Vault is a wonderful way to build an incredible movie collection. A new feature coming down the pike mm700 a free firmware update allows the Kaleidescape M Series components to scale its output to 2.

Kaleidescape M Disc Vault |

The Kaleidescape system is as easy as an iPod to work yet offers much more flexibility and performance. When using the cover art method, pausing on any cover will prompt Kaleidescape to rearrange the remaining covers to similar or related discs.

You can play them immediately or add them to the playback queue. Page 1 Page 2. Connections are limited as this is a networked device.


It occupies one rack space, thus the name 1U. To retrieve one, kaaleidescape navigate to the title using the onscreen display of any player, and select Eject Disc. I found many to load in 30 to 45 minutes but it took almost two hours for the M to rip a few. Aesthetics be damned, the Kaleidescape system is designed to be rack mounted so other than their front fascias, they’re plain boxes.

The new M Series components kaleidescapee have to be connected to the Internet to import discs, even Blu-rays. The Interface The Kaleidescape system is as easy as an iPod to work yet offers much kzleidescape flexibility and performance. Discs in the vault remain organized and easy to find. You simply insert all your discs, one after another, and let the M Disc Vault do the rest.

The child remote is solidly built and heavily rubberized to increase durability and has fewer kaleidescaep than the actual remote but worked just as well, and in an adult house I could see people actually wanting this remote over the actual, full-function remote control. Setup could not be easier. You could even upload your own home movies and use the web interface to edit home movies for super funny, or embarrassing, shorts for family and friends.

While your Blu-Ray discs must remain in the vault kaleodescape enable playback of your imported Blu-Ray movies, the options button allows you to easily manage imported disks directly from the front panel.

You can stream from a host of services that are billed as HD, though kaleideacape are only p. When navigating the music interface you can select anything you like, song, albums, collections, etc. One really nice thing about the system is when you want to watch a Blu-ray you can select to kaeidescape either the disc, kaleixescape you loaded it into any Blu-ray player, or just the movie.


M700 Disc Vault

The company that has become synonymous with the high-end movie server spent its Within moments of the disc being recognized, it spun it into the carrousel and was available system wide. Continue to Page 2.

Honestly, they load faster than you’ll be ready with the next one. Automatically imports your Blu-ray discs and CDs and catalogs your DVDs Includes an integrated M-Class player Loads up to discs making it easy to add great content to your library Enables instant playback of content imported from Blu-ray disc Supports fully-automated playback of protected DVDs.

Up to discs can be loaded into the vault making it easy to import or play your collection of movies and music on disc.

The front of all the pieces is a frosted white and the panels illuminate either a soft blue, or orange when things go wrong or the pieces haven’t yet recognized each other after power up – like when I didn’t put the drives into the 1U server before trying to use the system. Many of the bigger hits and classics also have a playback option called “scenes.

Browsing discs can be done in one of kaleidedcape ways: Ken Taraszka January 30, There is no comparison on this one, Kaleidescape has the fastest movie start up times of any Blu-ray player available – period.