World War-I, II, Tsunami of , San Francisco Earthquake of , Super Typhoon Nina of China, Famine of in Bangladesh, British rule on India. Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is a great saint of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the Nostradamus of India. kalagnanam book in English. Veerabrahmendra-the-Precursor-of-Kalki. Posted by Srimadviraat.

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He said, “This baby ‘Veerambotlayya’ is not any ordinary child. Road routes to Tirupati would be blocked Ch.

Full text of “Veerabrahmendra The Precursor Of Kalki ( 1)”

Lakshmi would leave Karnataka state Divine Idols at Holy places will exhibit various gestures. Swami Reads the Mind of Cuddappa Nawab Crores of people die in the year Vijaya I don’t know who my parents were. However hard they tried, cows didn’t move even an inch. Seeing that child Veera Papamamba got filled with motherly love, took that baby in her hands and addressing Sage Atri she kalavnanam, “Swami!

Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial

You take birth as the son of ‘Viswatma’ and his devoted wife, ‘Mayameya’ who are from the caste of Viswa Brahmins in South India. Plan-chit kind of activities would increase You were writing something inside the cave, if you could kindly preach me that thing, I would be grateful to you”. Who are your parents? His feet were the nether-lands; his head became the Satya Loka.


Prakrutamba however started crying aloud.


And in the same year i. His friends immediately paid at- tention to him and sprinkled some water on his face and bought him to con- sciousness and asked him what’s happened to him suddenly. Slowly they stepped backwards and came out of the circle and found that their eye sight became back to normal. Views Read Edit View history. Blood bath on the banks of Kauveri river takes thousands kalafnanam lives In order to protect the cow Ananda Bhairavayogi aimed his arrow at the leopard and released it.

If conjugated on the 4th day, the progeny would be a beggar or untidy one, or an atheist who kalagbanam believe in any shastras. On the way they hunted many wild animals like Lions, Bears Jackals etc.

Telegu language version of Kalagnanam. His life story reveals many divine teachings on Yoga viz. Bhojayacharya and Papamamba 8 5. It was believed that she had the vision of that divine Saint many times in her life. Oh my God, You are so great. Having thought thus, he approached that sage Veerambotlayya with engliish hands and sat near him.

When Saturn ehglish Pisces-harm to Mlechchas is indicated, in Taurus-Poisonous gas from Northeast takes lives, in Gemini-most of evil persons are punished.

After Kru- ta, Treta, Dwapara yugas have ended, in the first quarter of the ‘Askhando Yugam’ Kaliyugam’s fourth quarter is running. This was a very correct decision taken by him otherwise parents wouldn’t have been able to behave motherly and fatherly towards that infant.


Swami Drinks Hot Molten Iron One day when we left this child under sunlight a Cobra came and casted sha- dow on him to protect him from the sun’s heat. While they were moving, she started experiencing labor pains and near Saraswati river bank she gave birth to a divinely looking child who was looking as like as ‘Apara Shiva Murty’ Lord Shiva.

Besides, special research Articles on Sri Swamiji ideology, as centre spread are also being contributed in every month. You came in the form of a Saint and en- lightened me. And who am I? She was moving inside her home impatiently like a mad woman eager to see Swami coming back home. Please bless me and let me go for the pilgrimage “. Devotees closed the doors and sealed the walls from all sides. Please why do you people try to propagand lies about Sri Veerabrahmam Swamy’s predictions.

Lilliputians, so small that they use a ladder to climb plants, will be born. Who are you thinking you are?