Euphues, The Anatomy of Wit, and Euphues and His England, by John Lyly, were published respectively in and , when the author was a young. From Euphues. By John Lyly. Edited by Jack Lynch. The text comes from the first edition, I’ve added the paragraph numbers. The original is in black-letter. John Lyly’s Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit and Euphues and his England, created a literary sensation in their own age, and had a profound.

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He that commeth in print bicause he would be knowen, is lyke the foole that commeth into the market bicause he would be seene.

I know gentlemen wil fynde no fault without cause, and beare with those that deserue blame, as for others I care not for their iestes, for I neuer ment to make them my Iudges. Lyly’s style depends for its effect on alliteration, balanced sentences, antithesis, and exotic imagery:.

Euphues – Wikipedia

As therefore I gave a farewell to Lucilla, a farewell to Naples, a farewell to women, so now do I give farewell to the world, jonn rather to macerate myself with melancholy lgly pine in folly, rather choosing to die in my study amidst my books than to court it in Italy in the company of ladies. I am of this mind, that both might and malice, deceit and eupphues, all perjury, any impiety may lawfully be committed in love, which is lawless. In this modern world it is irrelevant in subject matter and great in style.

Euphues, the Anatomy o Euphues is a rather moral romance distinguished by its elaborate style. When adversities flow, then love ebbs; ehphues friendship standeth stiffly in storms.


Joyce rated it really liked it Sep 22, Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Poems: Academic Skip to main content. Lyly’s style depends for its effect on alliteration, balanced sentences, antithesis, and exotic imagery: If one write neuer so well, he cannot please all, and write he neuer so ill hee shall please some.

Some critics require a novel to be wholly original and so exclude retellings like Le Morte d’Arthur. Ah Euphues, into what misfortune art llyy brought! When parents have more care how to leave their children wealthy than wise, and are more desirous to have them maintain the name, than the nature of a gentleman: If Nature beare no sway, why vse you this adulation?

Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit

The text still has to be proofread against the original, and I hope to add commentary as time permits. Doth not Aristotle alleadge and confirme, that Nature frameth or maketh nothing in any poynte rude, vayne, and vnperfect?

It is like to fare with thee as with the eagle, which dieth neither for age nor with sickness but with famine, for although thy stomach hunger, yet thy heart will not suffer thee to eat.

Most critics distinguish between an anthology of stories with different protagonists, even if joined by common themes and milieus, and the novel which forms a connected narrativeand so also exclude Le Morte d’Arthur.

But seing my folly in writing to be as great as others, I was willing my fortune should be as ill as any mans. It’s a slog to read if you dont have the power of ljly knowledge behind the thoughts. The one will be satisfyed with reason, the other are to be aunswered with silence.


Maartje rated it liked it Nov 05, But Nature impatient of comparisons, and as it were disdaining a companion or copartner in her working, added to this comeliness of his body such a sharp capacity of mind, that not only she proved Fortune counterfeit, but was half of that opinion that she herself was only current. A Life in Books Kevin J. Of primary importance for students of Renaissance prose, this edition complements the on-going publication of Lyly’s dramatic works in The Revels Plays.

Lyly’s mannered style is characterized “Euphues: Oh the counterfeit love of women! Lyly’s linguistic style, originating in his first books, is known as Euphuism. No, no, it is y e disposition of the thought y t altereth y e nature of y e thing. Acknowledgments Introduction Note on the texts Further reading Euphues: What happened after this, I can’t tell you anymore.

Lyly parodied himself in one of his Court plays, Endimion, in the character of a comical soldier in love, Sir Ehphues.

Aristippusa Philosopher, yet who more courtely?

You carefull, we carelesse, wee bolde, you fearefull, we in all pointes contrary vnto you and ye in all pointes vnlike vnto vs. Tatjana JP rated it did not like it Jan 05, If Nature worke the effecte, what booteth any education?