A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!. Sports Astrology is a textbook that guides the reader through the interpretation of over 60 horary charts using a variety of different sports; soccer, cricket, horse. chart as a true horary, where the astrologer or their client asks a question when it John Frawley in his book, Sports Astrology () where he.

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The dialogue enables the author to show the logical questions and assumptions a student of astrology may have, and the necessity of such questions in attaining the ultimate understanding of the astrological techniques being explained. We could also give the champ the Sun, as natural ruler of kings, but he has it already. John Rrawley about my question regarding Sport Astroligy 2nd edition: Halina on January 06, Mick marked it as to-read Sep 22, This would favour the underdogs, but the Moon makes another aspect.

English ears being the only variety I possess, I trust I shall be forgiven for sticking with ‘Manchester United are playing Arsenal’ and even ‘the team are.!. Its antiscion is at Want to Read saving….

It contains a clear exposition of the cosmological background and a step-by-step guide to method, accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the subject, yet sufficiently thorough to serve as a vade mecum for the student or practitioner. All times are GMT. By primary motion – the planets movement across the sky from rising in the east to setting in the west – the Sun is nearing its setting.


The law, in its infinite wisdom, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

Sports Prediction: Easy With Midpoints

January 08, N o team batting first in a test match has asfrology managed to lose after posting so high a score as in its first innings. From Sibley to Simmonite Kolev: Note that the square does not reduce the amount of the winnings.

I will look into Lewellyn George’s works in light of this thread. The Moon therefore translates light from the Sun to Jupiter, making the desired connection between the two planets: M y hope in writing this book is spprts someone will pick up this system and make the improvement.

Juanita Ruiz marked it as to-read Apr 02, It only differs in symbols and in sport’s rules, nothing else. So the Moon can show the event but not the winner.

John Frawley – Sports Astrology

Manchester United were favourites to beat Liverpool. Onovwakpome marked it as to-read Mar 25, It would need something exceptionally powerful to outweigh these testimonies. In additionI was thinking to open sportd discussion with John about why it is not working in normal cases, he didn’t state the reasons beforeso it worth to know why.

As you have everywhere in any chart the sides no matter you have business partners or lover you just use the same share in the event chart of the match. Ali Barghian is currently reading it Oct 01, It was in a t-shirt shop on the island. So the point with goals is to find the rule how they resuts with goals at the matches.


Mars is angular, but is in its detriment rfawley opposed by a debilitated Saturn: Spofts h e M o o n goes to sextile Lord 8, which is on the North Node.

All is not lost, however: Originally Posted by Jibreil. Australia were favourites to beat England. So the main problem of understanding this matter what many astrologers have including mentined person in this post is that they wathched several same charts and when they used the same explanations the could not make connection between same ruler as victory team and what they called favourite.

Favourite is the team which we imagine to win. Daniel added it Oct 09, Saturn therefore collects the light of Jupiter and Mercury, making the desired connection: It must travel 6 degrees to reach the Sun, which could give the favourites victory in extra time.

Its final aspect over its degree range is a square to Venus Lord 7: Its final aspect is a trine to Lord 1 Saturn. Lord 8 applies to Lord 1 by trine. Sports Astrology Let’s talk about sports astrology: Answers to Set Questions 4.