Tools that can be used by international visitors to collect information by themselves when disasters occur. Websites etc. JNTO Global. The JNTO hosted a Japan roadshow at Customs House last night. sumo wrestling in Tokyo and staying in a farmhouse out of Takayama. Japan International Airport (Centrair), Hida Takayama is a city in the mountainous region which also portrays JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organisation).

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The yatai used during the spring festival have been designated jnt of Japan’s Important Folk Culture Assets, so if the weather is rainy, the entire festival schedule will be canceled. Enter your proposal or inquiry. There are 23 different yatai involved in both the spring and fall festivals combined, and among them there are some that have karakuri dolls on them.

Morioka unfolds from the base of the magnificent Mt. Share Tweet Pin reddit.

There are three public baths, and the private ones attached to hotels and ryokan are open to the public at certain times of the day.

Gifu Monet’s Pond Gifu-ken.

jbto It’s a 25 minute walk from Takayama Station to Hie Shrine. Norikura is another popular hiking destination. The city has seven sake breweries that host tastings and sell their wares.


JNTO roadshow provides endless discovery ·ETB Travel News Australia

A smorgasbord for history buffs. Fuji Osaka what to wear in Takxyama illumination. Hida Furukawa is something of a sibling to Takayama. Charlie Chaplin visited and his statue stands to commemorate the event.

Gifu Sanmachi Historic District Gifu-ken. The sound of a cicada. A visit to the Tsurunoyu Onsen.

Takayama and the Northern Alps

Eleven yatai that are completely different from those at the Sanno Festival travel through the streets at this time. Takayama Matsuri Yatai Kaikan is devoted to the lavishly designed and decorated floats that grace the streets during the town-wide festivals. Beyond the city, the jagged ridgelines of the Northern Japanese Alps rise into the sky, topping ten thousand feet. The main stage of the fall festival, Sakurayama Hachimangu, is a 20 minute walk from Takayama Station.

Easy Access From Takamatsu! An hour south of Takayama, or two hours north of Nagoya, Gero Onsen is a renowned hot spring resort. Please enjoy the magical scenery of the night which differs so much from the dynamic pushing and carrying of the yatai during the day.

Tohoku Akita City is a core city with a population ofMost offer tastings and the Harada brewery offers tours as well. Akita City is a core city with a population ofLook here for an original venue for your event, a location that is not primarily destined to host a MICE event. With the gorgeous yatai and processions to see in mind,tourists will come to visit in the spring and fall.


The Takayama Festival is held each spring and fall in Takayama, Gifu prefecture. A number of sake breweries are also located either in or nearby the Sanmachi district. Takayama is a popular destination year-round but particularly in spring and autumn when crowds flock to see the Takayama Festival.

You could spend a whole day wandering these old streets, buying souvenirs from the many craft shops, sampling local tea and digging into local takahama like wagyu sushi. That heritage is highlighted each spring and fall in festivals the city hosts. On festival weekends, the streets throng with visitors and locals who come to enjoy festival food, the ornate floats and the spirited atmosphere.

Fall and Spring Editions. The current structure dates back to but the original was built on the same site in Check the detail and update your settings here.