Reproduction in whole or in part of this text is strictly prohibited and unlawful without the written permission of. Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. ASA-E6B- . jeppesen e6b manual. Sun, 02 Dec GMT jeppesen e6b manual pdf – E6-B Flight Computer. Instructions This instruction booklet can be used with. – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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So, the 90 in the example above could be a 9, 90,or , The middle box contains the special equipment codes used for item 3. So then, is the mechanical E6B dead? Find the wind correction angle by counting the units between the pencil mark and the centerline.

Jeppesen Student CSG Computer (E6B)

Army Air Corps decided the endless belt computer cost too much to manufacture, so later in Dalton morphed it to a simple, rigid, flat wind slide, with his old Model B circular slide rule included on the reverse. I am a student pilot just learning the E6-B. Remember, practice makes perfect. AviationFlight Training. The outer scale is used to represent distance, fuel, ground speed, true airspeed, or corrected true altitude, depending on the calculation being performed.

These flight computers are used during flight planning on the ground before heppesen to aid in calculating fuel burn, wind correction, time en route, and other items. Would like a little better accuracy. After the patent ran out, many manufacturers made copies, sometimes using a marketing name of “E6-B” note the moved hyphen. It conforms to the instructions and examples in Jeppesen manuals, workbooks and audiovisual programs. How much fuel will a Cessna burn on an 8 minute leg with a fuel burn of 5.


An aluminium version was made by the London Name Plate Mfg. These are commonly available on collectible auction web sites. Philip Dalton — jeppeeen the late s.

Jeppesen Student CSG Computer (E6B) –

Is it made of hard plastic? Align the pointer with the groundspeed.

It was helpful for me. The ease of use of electronic calculators means typical flight training literature [1] does not cover the use of calculators or computers at all.

The letters should be embossed into the plastic. The name comes from its original part number for the U. The words in quotations above are the first words printed in the 50 page instruction manual that came with my E6B. Also, many computers have Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion charts and various reference tables. Your Cessna probably gained more than Filter Select a row below to filter reviews by star rating. Full function, full size. Read your answer directly above this number on Scale A.

Does what is expected of it. How much altitude did you gain? Pivots of metal models metal with plastic grommet will wear out the plastic grommet prematurely, causing the wheels to spin freely.

You need to descend 5,ft in 7 minutes. They were still in use throughout the s and s in several European Air Forces, such as the German Air Force, until modern avionics made them obsolete.

Mastering the Mechanical E6B in 20 Minutes | The Blog of Michael Soroka

Pilotage and this computer is my favorite type of navigation. The E6B has two sides which are used to perform different tasks. This is especially useful for filling out Nav logs and makes the mechanical E6B much faster than its electronic counterpart. On the positive side, It means any number on the scale can represent any order of magnitude of that number. I love my E-6b! In this example, the ground speed is kts.


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This will tell you which scale and which pointer you will need to use. This is a common operation that needs to be done to fill out a Nav log or during a diversion in the air.

Once the wheel is positioned to represent a certain fixed ratio for example, pounds of fuel per hourthe rest of the wheel can be consulted to utilize that same ratio in a problem for example, how many pounds of fuel for a 2.

Remember, the units you use must be equivalent, i. Because the process for finding TAS and Density Altitude is the same, I have combined these two tasks into one example.

Many airspeed indicator ASI instruments have a movable ring built into the face of the instrument that is essentially a subset of the flight computer. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat On the side margins of the card are mileage scales for sectional charts.

Retrieved from ” https: From this point, move horizontally to the left margin to determine a headwind component of 26 kt. Okay for the current price.

Electronic versions are also produced, resembling calculatorsrather than e6bb slide rules. It allows you to work with minutes and hours or do anything in base From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Scale Values The numbers on the outer and inner scales represent multiples of 10 of the values shown. Read the groundspeed corrected for wind at the center-line.