Sometimes it feels as though entire hominid species have evolved in less time than it takes to read “The Land of Painted Caves,” the sixth and. Thirty thousand years in the making and 31 years in the writing, Auel’s overlong and underplotted sixth and final volume in the Earth’s Children. 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In The Land of Painted Caves, Jean M. Auel brings her ice-age epic series, Earth’s Children®, to an extraordinary.

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Return to Book Page. They haven’t grown as characters at all!

It is pretty interesting to learn about how Ice Age people may have lived, but the author is way too evident in this book, stopping the action every so often to give us a little lecture so that you end up feeling the characters are those models in a museum diorama, spears brandished and hair all over the place.

In The Mammoth Hunters She taught me the art of caring for other humans Real marital strife—maybe Ayla wanting to be with Brukeval or Ranec or one of the many men who drools over her, or Jondalar struggling with wanting to perform First Rites and maybe wanting to be with Joplaya.

My life is too short. The earth is in the grip of an Ice Age, and two species of humans — Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons — are busy figuring out who will inherit the Earth.

The Land of Painted Caves

And then, there are the Sacred Caves, the caves that Ayla’s mentor–the Donier, the First of the Zelandonia–takes her to see. As a paiinted, I found myself wondering – would I take on a series that would take me 30 years to finish? I loved these books as a kid.


I really wish she had not agreed and had stayed wild and free forever.

No matter how compelling or beautiful the original, you’ll end up with fourth-form tyro drivel. Why all of the repetition?

Number of times Wolf is “introduced” to someone: There are only two sex scenes normally, whatever, but that is a large basis of the appeal of books or 5 of this series. Funnily enough, I have just this week finished book 5, and have been put off reading the last book by the reviews, which is almost unheard of for me. Ayla put two and two together back in Cave Bear; why can’t they?

The Land of Painted Caves – Wikipedia

Mar 31, Teri Pre rated it did not like it Shelves: Sex scenes in books normally cheer me up immensely, but these just squitted me right out.

It’s a realistic life with realistic problems – Ayla was never going to be able to return to all her loved ones or reclaim Durc, and we know that humans were pushing Neanderthals to the brink of extinction, so a complete reconciliation between the two groups was also not possible.

This would have been the place to add all new material. Auel’s own field journal of tours of painted caves. Note for the future: In every other book, Ayla had plausible reasons for her abilities. Ayla, Jondalar, Jonayla and other beloved characters deserved so much better than this. Apr 03, Mindy rated it it was ok.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Probably the most amusing part is when Ayla suddenly becomes a vengeful person. As I scroll through the first dozen reviews, ALL of them are one or two star ratings. Those that she should have gotten close to Well, at least this book went easy on the porn. Although some of her basic premises for example, the idea that the Neanderthals were basically silent and communicated through signs have since been challenged by new research, at the time they represented cutting-edge thinking about the origins of human civilisation.


There were some actual advances in the storyline, aiel they could have been told in psinted 50 pages. It would have been far more interesting if there would have been a few scenes with Marona sorry if I spelled it wrong and WHY and HOW he decided to “relieve his needs” with her.

The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel | : Books

The first two parts are so boring, I thought I would poke my eye out with a blunt instrument, just to have something exciting to do. This has a knock on effect and drags the pacing down incessantly, turning the book into a tedious, laboured drudge that takes real effort to get through, or even aurl up.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They look at paintings in the caves.

A quick investigation of Jean M. I would hardly have noticed she was even here; every time she could, Ayla dumped Jonayla on someone else so Ayla could do something more if. The first book was by far the best.