Complete summary of Archibald MacLeish’s J. B.. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of J. B. J.B.: J.B., verse drama by Archibald MacLeish, produced and published in Acclaimed for its emotional intensity and poetic drama, the play is a modern. J. ALD MACLEISH AUTHOR BIOGRAPHYPLOT SUMMARYCHARACTERSTHEMESSTYLEHISTORICAL CONTEXTCRITICAL.

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Zuss is pleased with J. Donaldson, Scott, in collaboration with R. They identify the youngest of the four children, Rebecca, as the little girl dressed in white, with red shoes and a red toy umbrella; they puzzle over the enigma of why the potter j.b.arrchibald equally in worthies and monsters.

J.B.: A Play in Verse

Nickles and Zuss then watch as J. As Zuss says at the beginning of J. During this period, many important American and European writers were living in Paris, and MacLeish became friendly with them, determined to learn from them.

Thirteen years old at the start of the play, David is the oldest son of J. Other names have disappeared from our collective awareness, known to scholars but not frequently sought out by readers and directors: The language and the four-stress line serve macleissh elevate the drama, to place it in a not-quite-familiar place and time.


J.B.: A Play in Verse, by Archibald MacLeish, | The Core Curriculum

He accuses his cynical opposite of not having j.b.archibad stamina to finish his part in the play. Millennium Approaches Angels in America: Well worth the read. He and his sister Mary are killed by a teenage drunk driver in scene 4. The Berlin Wall came down, and the Cold War came to an end.

It also a play within a play: May 29, Chad rated it liked it. In this original version there is no scene in which J.

He said that the playwright was not a solemn poet, and that much of the writing, particularly in the characters of God and Satan, was pungent and earthy. Pulitzer Prize for Drama. He reminds him of the millions who refused the second chance, who found a convenient means to end it all. After the terrible sufferings of Job, his restoration at the end negates any possibility of the poem as tragedy in the usual sense of the term.

It even reads well. He is associated with the Modernist school of poetry. This work is honest about j.b.arvhibald difficult questions macelish in the story of Job, but sympathetic enough to bring them out in all their complexity.


Cynthia Bily, N.b.archibald Essay on J. I could see this play in my mind; it was epic! We also are inclined to contemplate it and ask Why? In this definitive biography of MacLeish, the discussion of J.

Cite this maxleish Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. After an analysis that leads toward generalities about the plays produced in New York from the end of World War II through the s, Gassner examines dozens of individual plays.

As he suffers each subsequent loss, J. Eliot did in the s, that the conventional language of everyday speech is not grand enough to raise important questions. I loved this play!

Nickles urges him to commit suicide in order to spite God; Zuss offers him his old life back if he will promise to obey God.

Mar 24, Manuel Sanchez rated it liked it Shelves: Not a pleasant read. Rebecca, j.b.archobald youngest child of J. Jun 10, Sandra rated it liked it.