Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Maritain, ioned. The Degrees of Knowledge is a book by the philosopher Jacques Maritain, his major contribution to epistemology. It was first published in English. Jacques Maritain. London: G. Blackwell. Naturalized Epistemology and Degrees of Knowledge. Jacques Maritain – – University of Notre Dame Press.

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Jacques Maritain, The Degrees of Knowledge – PhilPapers

Preview — Degrees of Knowledge by Jacques Maritain. Art Mitchell rated it it was ok Jul 26, Lallement []but Maritain also prepared some introductory philosophical texts e.

The breadth of his philosophical work, his influence in the knowledve philosophy of the Catholic Church, and his ardent defenses of human rights made him one of the central figures of his times. Martin rated it really liked it Dec 07, For Maritain, the best political order is one which recognizes the sovereignty of God. Librairie de l’Art Catholique, He became full Professor in and, inwas appointed to the Chair of Logic and Cosmology, which he held until Jacquues the outbreak of war at the end ofMaritain decided not to return to France.

Bles, ; Integral Humanism: As a polity that attempts to provide the conditions for the realisation of the human person as an individual who is, thereby, a member of a temporal community, it recognises that the use of degrers by individuals must serve the good of all Integral Humanismp.


Degrees of Knowledge by Jacques Maritain

University of Notre Dame Press, A second key feature of Maritain’s views on art is his discussion of art in relation to freedom; his views here not only reflect his metaphysics, but bear on knkwledge political philosophy. This knowledge is based on a natural reasoning which cannot be expressed in words. Want to Read saving….

The Achievement of Jacques and Raissa Maritain: Henry Bars and Eric Jourdan. Refresh and try again.

Conference-Seminar on Jacques Maritain’s

Seven Lectures on Being. Harper and Brothers, According to Maritain, in theological wisdom, the divine is known by drawing not just on reason but on faith.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Gregory Sadler rated it really liked it Oct 31, University of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming.

Jacques Maritain

Maritain’s moral philosophy, then, cannot be considered independently of his analysis of human nature. As a characteristic of the practical intellect, art is not a speculative or a theoretical activity; it aims not just at knowing, but at doing. It is close to metaphysics in that it addresses general issues concerning the universe, such as its relation to principles of necessity and contingency, and to a first cause.

He also continued to lecture and publish on a wide range of subjects — not only in political philosophy, but in aesthetics e. John rated it really liked it Jan 21, Following Aquinas, Maritain holds that metaphysics deals with being as being ens inquantum ensi.


InMaritain and his wife returned to France. Erjon rated it liked it Nov 21, University of Chicago Press, On Maritain’s view, what distinguishes the fine arts from the work of artisans is that the fine arts are primarily concerned with beauty — i. Keith Hossack – – Oxford University Press.

Finally, beauty and art have a connection to the spiritual and spiritual experience Creative Intuitionp. Like St Thomas Aquinas, Maritain held that there was no conflict between faith and true reason, that religious belief was open to rational discussion, and that the existence of God and certain fundamental religious beliefs could be philosophically demonstrated. Maritain remained in the United States during the war, where he was active in the war effort recording broadcasts destined for occupied France and contributing to the Voice of America.