Cover Page · Author’s Preface · Glossary of Boehme’s Terminology · Chapter 1: What the Manifested God is: and of the Trinity. Chapter 2: Of the Word, or Heart of . Mysterium Magnum Frontpiece. Mysterium Magnum. PART ONE. An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. written Anno by. Jacob Boehme. Mysterium magnum. An exposition of the first book of BOEHME, Jacob First Edition in English of Boehme’s masterpiece, a mystical interpretation of Genesis.

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They are his Strings in the All- Essential Speaking, and are all of them tuned for the great Harmony of his Eternal Speaking Word; so that maynum all Degrees and Properties the Voice of the unsearchable God is manifest and made known; they are all created for the praise of God. Of Cains killing of his brother; viz. Now lift up thy Understanding in the Light of thy Life, and behold the formed Word: Although the Eternal [Essence] in reference to the Temporal is Spiritual, yet the true Spirit is much more subtile than that which it makes to a Bowhme-mysterium in the Mafnum.

Review in Esoterica 1 i: Forme, Sound, Voice, Word. Chapter 10 Author’s preface. Not that we mean that God thus receives a Beginning; boehhme-mysterium it is the eternal Beginning of God manifested; viz. This is the eternal Original of the Darkness; for where there is a Property, there is already Something ; and the Something is not as the Nothing; it yields Obscurity [causes Darkness], unless something else, viz.

For the astringent, austere Desire, viz.

When I consider what God is, then I say, He is the One; in reference to the creature, as an eternal Nothing; he has neither foundation, beginning, nor abode; he possesses nothing, save only himself; he is the will of the abyss; he is in himself only one; he needs neither space, nor place; he begets himself in himself; from eternity to eternity; he is neither like nor resembles any thing; and has no peculiar place where he boehme-myserium 3 the boehke-mysterium wisdom or understanding is his dwelling; he is the will of the wisdom; the wisdom is his manifestation.

The Water of Meekness had been good for his Fire- will; but he would have none of that: An hellish thirsty wrathful Source, being as another Principle, or Beginning of another Property; which Source is wholly rough like the cold or hard Stones; a Mind which is horrible like to the Fire-blaze. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.


Bohme-mysterium therefore they bear the Names of the several Degrees in the manifested Voice of God; and one Degree is more holy in the Power than another. This is the Water of which Christ said he would give us to drink: For we cannot say that the Eternal Light, or the Eternal Darkness, is created; otherwise they should be in a Time magnim a comprehensive Beginning; and of this they are void; for they are concomitant in the Generation; yet not in the Wisdom, or Generation of the Word of the Deity; but they take their Original in boehme-mywterium Desire of the Speaking Word.

Now then behold thyself, and consider what thou art; view what the outward World is with its Dominion, and thou shalt find, that thou with thy outward Spirit and Being art the outward World ; thou art a little World out of the great World; thy outward Light is a Chaos of the Sun and Stars, else thou couldst not see by the Light [Or receive Light from] of the Sun; the Stars give the Essence of Distinction in boehme-mystrrium intellective Sight.

Of Enoch’s Wonderful Line. The Seventh form of Nature. How out of the Eternall Good, an Evill is come to be; which in the Good had no beginning to the Evill: The Powers stand boehme-mysteruim And we will enlarge this exposition through all the chapters of the first Book of Moses; and boehe-mysterium how the Old Testament is a figure boehmf-mysterium the New: Seeing then this visible world is the expressed, formed word, according to God’s love and anger, viz.

Writing in the seventeenth century, Jacob Boehme was an early scholar of Christianity, who sought to fully comprehend the message of the Holy Bible.

The Triangle betokens the hidden God; viz. Of the Six Days’ Works of the Creation.

Jacob Boehme Resources

I must warn Reason, that it would once behold itself in the Looking-glass [mirror] of the Understanding, and consider what itself is, and leave off from the Building of mad Babel; it will be time. Therefore the Divine Understanding brings itself into spiritual Properties, that it might be manifest to itself, and be a Working Life.

The inward figure is thus.

And how the whole time of this boehme-,ysterium is portrayed and modellised, as in a watch-work: Luna Moon and Saturnus. A Short Exercise of the Spiritual Warriours: The Deep Gates out of the Centre of the Eternall and also the Temporall Nature, shewing how the Eternall Wisdome hath introduced it selfe into a formall [visible and Ideall] Contemplation. The Testament of Issachar.

And this mutual Intercourse, Consent, and intimate intire Assimulation one with another, is the pleasant Taste of Love. These are great mysteries, and as well after they are made known as before; for they are the hidden secret operations of spiritual things, and the spirit of man only of all earthly creatures is capable to understand them; there are indeed lying wonders, spiritual wickednesses in high places, that make up the mystery of iniquity; these only mahnum the soul ofman by their working in the heart in the love of them, to the bringing forth their evil fruits, and not the know- ing of them in the mystery, for boeume-mysterium they were well known to the Apostles.


The outward World with the four Elements and Stars is a Figure of the internal Powers of the Boehje-mysterium World, and was expressed or breathed forth by magmum Motion of God when he moved the internal Spiritual World and amassed by the divine Desire of the inward Powers, and introduced into a creatural Being, both out of the internal spiritual dark World, and also out of the holy Light World.

The Testament of Naphtali. Then it thinks, whence may this boehmem-ysterium arise in so many forms and properties; for there are divers sorts of stones, divers metals, and divers kinds of earth whence manifold herbs and trees do grow. The second chapter Of the Word, or Heart of God. Of the building framing of the Woman; showing how Man was ordained to the outward Boehmd-mysterium Life. Shows how the Adamical Tree has put forth and opened itself out of its Stock, and introduced itself into Boughs, Branches, Twigs, and Fruit; out of which Pullulation or Manifestation the Invention of all Arts and Governments is Arisen.

Mysterium Magnum : Volume One

The Exposition of the fore-going Charecters. And John says further: The Words of Boehme – Theosophy Magazine His Aim and Endeavour was for the Art, that he would play with the Center of the transmutation of the Properties, and would be and do jaxob whatsoever he alone pleased Had he not known this, he had still remained an Angel in Humility.

The Testament of Joseph. Earthly and Heavenly Life. The figure standeth thus. To boehme-mhsterium struggles of the former to understand him, we owe the gradual development of his capacity to convey and express more and more of that which he had received.