Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy, book 2) by J A Saare – book cover, description , publication history. Crimson Moon, Paranormal Romance. Read the prologue from the continuation of the Crimson series, Crimson Sunrise. Purchase at {Kindle}. Crimson Sunrise Genre: Paranormal Romance Crimson Series: Book Two More Info, The Renfield Syndrome Genre: Urban Fantasy Rhiannon’s Law: Book Two.

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Oct 23, Catgirl rated it liked it Shelves: I told Jaime to finish it soon! I tried to slow down but it wasn’t possible.

Yet it was perfectly okay for Caleb to be secretive and keep things from Emma, because when he was keeping secrets it was for her own good but if Emma didn’t tell everything to Caleb straight away he acted like a bitch and looked down on her crijson being an evul untrustworthy whore. In this book, the relationship between Caleb and Emma grows and has rocky patches along the way, and Emma deals with the fall out of her decisions, such as the vampire jj and her feelings for the sexy, telepathic vamp, Trent.

Top 10 Books of the Year. When Caleb’s Beware the calm before the storm… After eradicating the suunrise between them, Emma Johnson and Caleb Blackney are ready to embrace their future together.

Crimson Sunrise

It will be an interesting ride to see where Saare eventually takes these characters. November New Releases.


The ending was rather interesting. Emma’s pain and despair at having to deal with Trent and with keeping secrets from Caleb killed me. I’d put the book down surnise walk away but ended up coming back to it a few minutes later.

Review: Crimson Sunrise by J.A. Saare (Crimson #2) | Vampire Book Club

How can she compare one to the other when she’s had a serious relationship with Guy A but had nothing but mild flirting and banter with Guy B? I’ve missed Caleb and Emma so much I suhrise how deep their feelings run for eachother- a bonding is such a powerful thing for lykae and Caleb isnt shy about describing how far that bonding goes to her.

And adjusting to their nature — and not being around her trueblood vampire parents — makes her a bit antsy. Decimus is back in action in this book, trying to control Emma and punish her for rejecting him in the past.

There are a lot of things I really enjoyed about this book. What I didn’t like was Emma and her sudden feelings for Trent. Emma learns more about werewolves and what being in a pack means.

I was eagerly anticipating the next book in the series and if you loved Crimson Moon, then you won’t be disappointed. Apr 29, Chelsea rated it sunriae liked it Shelves: You feel with the characters and you want to know more – like: Everything bad seems to happen after that.

Trivia About Crimson Sunrise I just didn’t realize how much until I started to read this book. May 16, at She was a bit selfish keeping him around knowing that it was hurting him- but at the same time I could understand why she didnt want to let sasre go.


Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy, book 2) by J A Saare

Caleb leaves, Emma gets attacked Caleb and Emmas reltionship grows, with rocky patches along the way. Thankfully she seems to sort this ridiculous behaviour out at the end of the book by telling Trent strait out that she belongs with Caleb and that there is someone out there for him. Both Emma and Caleb change in this story. When she is forced to choose between the man she knows and the father who has sent for her, she has to make a life changing decision — vampire or wolf?

The Bookshelf

The love triangle was pathetic – What was the point of it when it was obvious Emma only crison Caleb? She’s constantly telling Caleb that he’s the only one for her, and then playing what I consider immature games with Trent.

At the end of Crimson Moon, Emma made a huge life decision.