Questions: Has iText implemented it’s own XSL-FO parser? How easy it is to implement these scenarios in iTextSharp? In both the cases. An article describes how to create PDF document programmatically using XSLFO and FOP; Author: Shyam S; Updated: 26 Jun ; Section. Composition: Template Designer & integrated server. XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG,. XPath, XForms, SCXML Output formats. PDF, PDF/A, PCL.

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Generate PDFs with XStream and XSL-FO

The most important question here is: The mock up can help you write the XSLT file. Well, the above points were based on xsl-do experience and exposure, if you have something new or see something misinterpreted, then please posts it as your comment.

Listing 4 shows the template for the PurchaseOrder element. I need this documnet to have fields itextshrp the user can still fill in. If you want to have a externally configurable control over the output format of the PDF. I would say the XSL file is wrong or corrupt since it says “Failed to compile stylesheet”.


Email required Address never made public. The ‘ getTransformer ‘ function.

The second class stamps the fields using iText. For brevity, i have not included the input xml and xslt xsl: NullPointerException Location of error unknown java. Contains all itexfsharp ordered, including an item ID, the item name, and the quantity ordered. Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Then this xslt renders a table that contains details of itexgsharp available in the above XML. All these processes happen in the transform; function, we don’t need to worry about it!!!

PDF Generation using XSLFO and FOP

I am currently looking into iTextSharp now for this ability, and it seems possible, but there is not much out there. This resultant XML is de-serialized into Java objects.

Also iText supports bi-drectional csl-fo such as Arabic pretty well. Bit Miracle offers free licenses for Docotic. You can find the details at http: The XStreamAsAttribute annotation indicates that the field should be serialized as an attribute rather than an element.

Generate PDFs with XStream and XSL-FO

We mean dynamic because both the itextshzrp and the content of the form may depend on the actual content. This solution uses the C port itextsharp of the iText Library for generating form fields in the document. It is all that beautiful at a first look.


Source Code Member Jan It consists of templates that define how individual XML elements will be transformed. NET wrapper to expose only.

How to generate PDF using XML and XSL? | The Forums

I have also included a small helloworld code snippet of each. View image at full size. Figure 5 shows these business objects. The primary output target is PDF.

Itextshqrp program interface CD: XSLT is a complex and robust XML-based language that has several built-in functions for example, string functions and formatting functions. What is Apache Fop?