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Improvac has been shown to be safe in male pigs from 8 weeks of age . Pfizer Inc. Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln,. Nebraska USA. Synthetic GnRF. Unlike physical castration, which is performed early in a pig’s life, Improvac is administered only a few weeks prior to slaughter and allows pigs to grow naturally. Improvac® Pfizer Animal Health. Contraceptive Product: GnRH protein conjugate . Product Category: Immunocontraception: vaccine against the GnRH. Product.

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Meat from pigs that have been “chemically castrated” could soon be on sale in Britain, pfizet no label to warn shoppers that it contains a controversial drug.

Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals. Accidental self-injection may affect fertility in both men and women impgovac pregnancy. Live weights were recorded in weeks 1, 4, 12, 18, and Inadvertent vaccination of male breeding stock may affect subsequent fertility. Food Farming Animal welfare Food safety Pfizer news. In weeks 18 and 20, length and width of the testicles of animals of group V were measured. The dose on all occasions is 2 ml, injected subcutaneously.

Not to be administered by women of childbearing age. Ordering Products Fax no.

The safety assessment of Improvac was every bit as rigorous as a human medicine assessment. The effect is said to improvax temporary, but the boars are slaughtered four to six weeks later, before it wears off. This increased weight gain may also result in an increase in fat deposition.

Zoetis – Product Improvac® | Zoetis ZA

If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder. It would be nice to compete against that when the consumers are informed.

Boars vaccinated against boar taint had lower ADW before the second vaccination, but compensated the weight difference after complete vaccination. In much of Europe, young males are physically castrated, but in the UK the practice is rarely carried out. It works by injecting pigs twice with a synthetic product that causes the testes to shrink. Regulatory constraints and medical practices vary from country to country. Zoetis South Africa Pty Ltd. Certain feedstuffs have also been implicated as a source of high skatole levels in the carcase.


Effective immunity the development of anti-GnRF antibodies develops approximately 10 to 14 days after administration of the second dose. The second dose, at least 4 weeks after the first dose, is essential to limit the further production of taint substances. This vaccine has been fully tested for potency, sterility and safety before issue but it must be stressed that the correct vaccination procedure in the field is equally important if secondary infection is to be prevented.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Meat produced using the drug does not have to be labelled as such.

Although this vaccine has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. Two doses of vaccine should be administered to entire male pigs at an interval of at least pfizzer weeks. The major predisposing factor to this is absorption of skatole through the skin in a wet and soiled environment.

Consequently, the information provided on the site in which you enter may not be suitable for use in your country. Improvac is prepared from an analogue of GnRF linked to a carrier protein. There are also concerns about safety for farm workers who might accidentally inject themselves, and will have to handle bigger animals, said the British Veterinary Association. The RSPCA said farmers in its Freedom Foods scheme could use Improvac from later this month if they convinced managers that it would help animal welfare, for example by reducing aggression between boars.

Only for use in male pigs. Peter Melchett, policy director of the Soil Association organic movement, said pfizre its primary concern was the impact on the animals. My Dashboard Profile Logout. Vaccination as well as surgical castration reliably prevents the incidence of boar taint. Improvac Boar Taint Vaccine for Male Imporvac is used to control boar taint caused by the accumulation of taint substances including androstenone and skatole in entire male pigs.

Entire male pigs intended for slaughter at 26 weeks of age will therefore receive their second dose of vaccine at 21 to 22 weeks of age, their first dose of vaccine having been given at 17 to 18 weeks of age or earlier. Show 25 25 50 All. Consumers should be better informed about such changes to their food, added Waygood. But the AFS, the country’s biggest farm certification scheme, has rejected it, fearing a public backlash.


Pfizer says the treatment was approved only after “rigorous” testing to ensure it could not affect consumers through the pig meat or the environment.

Improvac, which has been used in Australia for a decade and is now approved in 53 countries, is marketed as a “vaccine… for the reduction of boar taint” and an alternative to physical castration of pigs. David Clarke, AFS chief executive, said: The first dose was administered atthe age of 12 weeks when the animals were moved into the fattening unit and the second dose in week 18, weeks before the planned slaughter date.

For the use by or under the control of a veterinarian only. After the second injection, testicle size of vaccinated pigs decreased significantly.

Fears over use of chemicals to castrate pigs

An injection to prevent puberty in male pigs was licensed im;rovac use in Britain and most of Europe last year, and has gone on sale to farmers who produce pork. The second dose should be given 4 to 5 weeks prior to slaughter.

Some swelling may develop at the site of vaccination, and in a small proportion of pfizr, may last for several weeks before gradually subsiding. The recommended site for injection is at the base of the neck, immediately behind the ear.

Fears over use of chemicals to castrate pigs | Environment | The Guardian

Public sensitivity to chemical castration is likely to be high after the scandal in Ireland, when pork products were contaminated by PCBs — dangerous, man-made chemicals.

Care should be taken to avoid accidental self-injection and needle-stick injury when administering this product. Pfizer said it was currently “being used pflzer a small number of pig farmers in the UK”.

Through its inhibitory effect on GnRF Gonadotrophin Releasing Factor and testosterone production, Improvac Boar Taint Vaccine for Male Pigs also modifies the behaviour of peripubertal male pfiser which may be evidenced by increased weight gain during the post-vaccination pre-slaughter period.