Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Edition. Erratum. December On page , in the. On page 77, paragraph , delete the second sentence so that the amended paragraph reads as follows: “ Audible signals in high noise areas should be . IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code.

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If the Administration permits aluminium or other low melting point metal construction that is not made equivalent to steel, the following provisions should be satisfied:. In the case of square or rectangular decks there should be a minimum of four lights along each side including a light at each corner of the TLOF.

The pipes and hydrants should be so placed that the fire hoses may be easily coupled to them. Shutdown of the propulsion system should not be automatically activated except in cases which could lead to serious damage, complete breakdown, or explosion. These should be located as far apart from each other as is practicable and preferably on opposite sides of the helideck. Equipment repair, overhaul and reclamation.

Every fire hose should be provided with a dual-purpose nozzle and the necessary couplings. The freeboard should not be less than that computed from the Protocol where applicable.

The means of access should be subject to inspection prior to, or in conjunction with, its use in carrying out surveys in accordance with section 1. Floodlights should conform to the same height limitations specified in paragraph Protection against excess current, if provided, should be for not less than twice the full load current of the motor or circuit so protected, and should be arranged to permit the passage of the appropriate starting currents.

The Administration should determine the effect of such wing extensions with regard to the requirements of the LL Protocol for the strength of unit based upon length L.


After installation, every such door, hatch or ramp core be tested by means of a hose test or equivalent. The resultant velocity should be used in calculating the structural loading due to current and waves.

Samskip to develop autonomous, zero-emissions containerships. Failure of any part of the automatic and remote control system should not prevent the use of the manual override.

Means should be provided locally to kmo whether a valve is open or closed. Large doors or hatches of a design and size that would make pressure testing impracticable mldu be exempted from the prototype pressure test, provided that it is demonstrated by calculations that the doors or hatches maintain watertightness at the design pressure, with a proper margin of resistance. Electrical apparatus and cables in any compartment in which it is intended to store explosives should be designed and used so as to minimize the risk of fire or explosion.

Raising the bar for a more sustainable future Salvatore D’Amico. The Administration should be provided with model test data, reports on past operating experience with similar configurations or by calculations showing that adequate provision mody made to maintain this clearance.

Permanente link Huidige versie Meest recente versie. The fixed metal ladders or stairways and sea areas in their vicinity should be adequately illuminated by emergency lighting.

A report of the inspection should be entered in the logbook.

Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units – Lexology

Such valves should be so placed and adjusted as to prevent excessive pressure in the fire main system. When floating, or when in transit from one operational area to another, units should be subject to all the conditions of assignment of that Protocol unless specifically excepted. They should not be forward of the collision bulkhead, if any. Equipment classified in accordance with the following protection classes may be used:.


Provision should be made such that the unit can comply with the requirements of international conventions in force.


Foul weather recovery strops should be provided for safety if heavy fall blocks constitute a danger. For units that have a movable substructure the 30 m should be measured with the substructure at its closest drilling position to the accommodation.

Where the emergency source of power, the transitional source of emergency power, and the emergency switchboard are contiguous to the boundaries of machinery spaces of category A or to those spaces containing the main source of electrical power, or to spaces of zone 1 or zone 2, the contiguous boundaries should be in compliance with section 9. Daar kan niet mee worden vergeleken. Such equipment which is located in enclosed spaces should be suitable for its intended application to the satisfaction of the Administration.


The Administration may permit or require deviations from these angles, taking omo consideration the type, size and service conditions of the unit. Height above sea level metres C H 0 — The obstacle-free sector marking should indicate the origin of the obstacle-free sector, the directions of the limits of the sector and the verified D-value of the helideck.

Paris MoU detentions during The Administration should notify the Organization of the specific responsibilities and conditions of the authority delegated to nominated surveyors or recognized organizations. Where arrangements for overriding the shutdown of the main propelling machinery cod fitted, these should be such as to preclude inadvertent operation. The selection of welds for testing and the methods utilized should meet the requirements of a recognized classification society.