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Complete IMM Application for a Verification of Status – Replace Record of Landing/COPR. Download and complete the Verification of Status or Replacement of an Immigration Document [IMM ] (PDF, KB); Gather your. I came here as student, I became PR, and now I’m ready to apply citizenship. also I lost my IMM I found IMM application to request.

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The template of the letter that officers need to send to the applicant, along with the application form, follows:.

This includes applications received like:. Reduce postage costs and, Save time In case the applicants do not provide any e-mail address in their application, imn officers of the Query Response Centre QRC would: Mitra Naseh is one such immigrant from Iran who currently lives in Halifax and is in the process of applying for citizenship.

Government of Canada

Free Immigration Evaluation Click Here. Are you eligible to Immigrate to Canada? This would be effective from August 27, Manner in which the officers would need to process these applications and, Issuance of the new generic Verification of Status VOS document Background In the past, the applicants used to submit: Reduce the reliance on secure forms and, Improve efficiency and effectiveness Therefore, at the Query Response Centre QRCthe authorities would centralise all: These guidelines concern the: The authorities would only accept the following forms of payment for the Verification of Status VOS application form:.

The authorities would issue the new Verification of Status VOS document to clients for requests concerning:. Incomplete applications, missing documents or failure to use the new application form will result in your application being returned to you without processing.


Local offices would no longer accept any applications after September 11, This document would confirm various pertinent historical information retrieved from the original documents such as: If you require further assistance, additional information, or wish to obtain an application package, please visit our website at www.

Verification of Entry VOE 0509 forms and, Requests for certified copies of immigration documents These applicants used to submit the documents mentioned above, by mail to CIC offices both, in Canada and overseas. The template of this letter comes at the end of this document. Similarly, some applicants might use the new Verification of Status VOS application form during the transition period.

During this transition period, the local office would receive the new Verification of Entry VOE application forms.

They would do this for all applications submitted in Canada as well as overseas. Imk in Nova Scotia are concerned about problems with their citizenship language forms, according to a new report from CBC. They would do this umm The CIC office has the responsibility of: These guidelines concern the:.

The new Amendment to Records of Landing ARL form also includes requests for amendments to valid temporary resident documents. Iimm the fee Verifying that the application is complete and, Forwarding the completed application forms to the Query Response Centre QRC for processing Officers used to enter notes of record, which acknowledged the processing, into the following systems: The authorities have consolidated both these forms into one new Verification of Status VOS application form i.

Verification of Status Request (Record of Landing)

Receive these forms Review these forms and, Imj these forms to the Query Response Centre QRC until September 11,if they find the forms to be complete in all respects Situations might arise where applicants submit a Verification of Entry VOE application form to a local office or a visa office prior to September 11, Once completed, this application form must be submitted directly to the Query Response Centre at the following address:.


The officers would send a certified copy of the immigration document of these applicants, to the applicants. The minimum language requirement is a 4, while Naseh says she submitted forms showing that she has reached level 8.

The authorities would commence using the new Verification of Status VOS application form with effect from August 27, Though many have tried to contact CIC to clarify the requirements, they say they have been told merely to re-submit, with no further explanation or clarification on these decisions.

Retrieved the electronic copy or a microfiche copy of the document requested by the client Made a copy of this document Certified the document and, Mailed it to the client In Julythe authorities released the: This refers to your application for a certified true copy of your immigration document.

Ikm, her application was rejected, citing lack of proof of language sufficiency. Facilitate the implementation of these changes and, Permit the processing of Verification of Entry VOE applications submitted up to September 11, During this transition period, the local office would receive the new Verification of Entry VOE application forms.