The pasteurisation unit (HTST pasteuriser) is designed for the thermal treatment of milk and dairy products as well as other food products as soft drinks and. For more than 30 years REDA S.p.A. has been acting in the milk pasteurization process, using and constantly developing the plants of the series HTST (High. This innovation in HTST pasteurization is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy processors, allowing them to offer pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and.

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The plant must be sterilized. All water remaining in the plant must be drained. Start the air compressor.

HTST milk pasteurizer (Flow pasteurizer)

Switch on the control panel mains. Fill the hot water tank, start the hot water pump and inspect the tank after min for the level. Open the air vents.

Start flow of the milk to the float controlled balance tank by starting milk pump. Close pasteuriizer air vents when the milk comes out from them.


Set the temperature controller at pasteurization temperature minimum Once the chilling temperature is reached, the plant will set itself to forward flow. Ensure availability of sufficient water in the storage tank approximately, equal to the capacity of the plant. As the last milk leaves the balance tank, tip in the water from the tank.

Pasteuriser HTST – Heat treatment INOXPA

When the last portion of water leaves the balance tank, turn the 3-way valve at the finished milk outlet so that the flow is diverted to the floor. Place a hose in the balance tank and flush the plant thoroughly with water until the discharge from outlet becomes clear. Turn off the chilled paxteurizer in the cooling sections. Shut off the steam supply.

Admit cold water to the hot water tank and run until the plant is cold. Stop the milk and hot water pumps.

Turn off the air supply and the main electric switch at the panel. The pasteurizer should be inspected every day for any leakage and for ensuring cleanliness.


Basic Component Equipment of HTST Pasteurizer

The paseturizer cloth or filter bag must be changed at regular intervals. Periodical inspection of individual plate surface and gaskets must be done when the pasteurizer is dismantled for manual cleaning.

Any loose or broken gasket must be replaced, using proper adhesive. The face of the plate bar and the tightening spindle should be kept lightly coated with grease.

All air-operated equipment should be supplied with clean dry air.

All recording instruments, thermometers etc. To kill bacteria including pathogens. Remove undesirable odours and flavours 4. Quiz 24 Lesson Quiz 31 Lesson You are currently using guest access Log in.