With Mother Nature, U.S. anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy strides into the minefield, examining motherhood across cultures, historical periods. In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned anthropologist (and mother) Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a radical new vision of motherhood and its crucial. “As was the case for her earlier classic, Mother Nature, Sarah Hrdy’s Mothers and Others is a brilliant work on a profoundly important subject. The leading.

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Women in modern democracies now have the same number of children, on average, as do hunter gatherers wandering the Kalahari desert, but for vastly different reasons. This book was fantastically interesting. Oh, no, that is the saddest thing! If the females are nursing infants, it’s likely that they won’t ovulate for another year.

Mothers and Others

Don’t like your audiobook? But neither Hrdy nor I nor anyone else can know whether the strong human tendency to help mothers care for mothre can produce the species-wide level of cooperation that we now need to survive. He described his mode of operation: Written with grace and clarity, suffused with the wisdom of a long and distinguished career, Mother Nature is a profound contribution to our understanding hryd who we are as a species–and why we have become this way.

Jul 25, Sonja rated it it was amazing. As modern humans we have DNA tests and I am in no means encouraging promiscuity. Jun 09, Hrxy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Abortion, too, is not unknown in a variety of species. Lists with This Book. Hrdy does not describe hrdj her perspective is consistent with her endorsement of kin selection which is a central tenant of sociobiological theory.


Then when nursemaids became all the rage, women got to have even more children because they stopped breast-feeding.

Maternal instinct – the all-consuming, utterly selfless love that mothers lavish on their children – has long been assumed to be an innate, indeed defining element of a woman’s nature. A few of the things I learned about in this book though there are many more: Review also appears on my blog: As Anture argues, far from being “selfless,” successful primate mothers have always combined nurturing with ambition, mother love with sexual love, ambivalence with devotion.

In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned htdy and mother Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started.

Even if you knew you couldn’t raise them? This made a lot of sense natuure when Hrdu had wondered why it seemed that hrxy least able to care for offspring seem to breed the most. I read this book when I was pregnant with my second child – and was convinced by Blaffer Hrdy’s arguments and facts.

Please try again later. I really enjoyed this book. Mothdr is a lecturer at the University of Calgary, the co-author of Sweet Secrets: I really enjoyed reading about evolution and biology from the female perspective.

Hrdy’s PhD thesis tested the hypothesis that overcrowding causes infanticide in langur colonies. Get access to the Member Daily Deal. If you’re a parent who works, or if you don’t see parenting roles as particularly gendered, or if you are using any kind of assisted reproduction, or if you think about the relationships of your children to other significant, caring adults for whom there aren’t yet commonplace words, then here’s the science, eloquently and ingeniously assembled, to dispel a lot of “traditionalist” guilt trips, and open your eyes to the possibilities.


Mother Nature: Maternal Instincts and How They Shape the Human Species

Please help improve it or discuss these naturs on the talk page. Thank you for your patience. Hrdy argues that career ambition and maternity are not polar opposites, as commonly believed, but instead are “inseparably linked” and a product of evolution. Primates have highly adaptable brains.

Mother Nature by Sarah Hrdy | : Books

Mar 07, Lynne Williamson rated it it was amazing. It contains many highly controversial ideas, so the easily offended should probably avoid it. Hddy of Hrdy’s book is about “allomothers,” a community of support that behaves “as if kin. Hrdy talks about differences in phenotypic expression among identical twins, but there are ample studies about how genotypic expression is remarkably the same among identical twins regardless of the environment.

Oliver Sacks Narrated by: Leaders in animal behavior: They have three children: With Mother NatureU. We’re capable of immense feats of learning. To better understand the inner workings of our bodies and to trace the origins of many of today’s most common natue, we have to turn to unexpected sources: In fact, “mother nature” in Hrdy’s book is the evolved ability to calculate and act on the best choices for survival of our children.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. This chapter of the book alone is worth the price of purchase.