View and Download HP C Digital Sender user manual online. Hewlett- Packard Digital Sender User Guide. C Digital Sender Scanner pdf manual. Manuals and User Guides for HP C Digital Sender. We have 10 HP C Digital Sender manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual. View and Download HP C Digital Sender service manual online. Hewlett- Packard Digital Sender Service Manual. C Digital Sender Scanner pdf.

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Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Table of contents 1 Device basics Device information The digital sender includes the following features: Performance The following sections give specific performance statistics for the digital sender. This software runs as a service sendet a network server.

It is not necessary to install any software or drivers on individual user’s computers. Each device can be individually configured to support any or all of the digital-sending options. Device parts Before using the digital sender, familiarize yourself with its parts. The digital sender requires 90 mm 3.

Chapter 1 Device basics Use the control panel The control panel has a VGA touchscreen that provides access to all device functions.

Use the buttons and numeric keypad to control jobs and the device status. The LEDs indicate overall device status. Control-panel layout The control panel includes a touchscreen graphical display, job-control buttons, a numeric keypad, digial three light-emitting diode LED status lights.

Home screen The home screen provides access to the device features, and it indicates the current status of the device. Depending on how the system administrator has configured the device, the features that appear on the home screen can vary. Features Device status line Help button Buttons on the touchscreen The status line on the touchscreen provides information about the status of the device.


Various buttons can appear in this area. The following table describes each button. Touch the home button to go to the Home screen from any other screen. Navigate the Administration menu From the Home screen, touch the bottom of the Home sdnder to see this feature. The Administration menu has several sub-menus, which are listed on the left side of the screen. Touch the name of a menu to expand the structure.

Default Job Options menu Use this menu to define the default job options for each function.

HP 9250c Digital Sender User Guides

If the user does not specify the job options when creating the job, the default options are used. Default E-mail Options Use this menu to set default options for e-mails that are sent from the device. Default Send to Folder Options Use this menu to set default options for scan jobs sent to the computer.

Values shown with ” default ” are the factory-default values. Some menu items have no default. Management menu Use this menu to set up global device-management options.


An alphanumeric string, up to 32 characters, used to identify the device. This name is listed on the HP Jetdirect configuration page. A link-local IP address The stateful auto-configuration method to be used by the print server is determined by Select Yesto choose all tests. Data Path Test This test helps to identify data path and corruption problems on an HP postscript level 3 emulation device. It sends a predefined PS file to the device. Select Execution Time [H] Use this item to specify the length of time in hours that an embedded test will be run.

This test sends link-level packets to a remote network host, then waits for an appropriate response. To run a ping test, set the following items: Table Jetdirect sub-menus continued Menu item Sub-menu item Ping Results Link Speed Chapter 2 Control panel Sub-menu item Values and Description Use this item to view the ping test status and results using the control panel display.

You can select the following items: Packets Sent Shows the number of packets 0 – sent to the Limits auto-negotiation to a maximum link speed of Mbps. Description Copy the local Send settings from one device to another. HP DSS is a software package that handles digital sending tasks such as faxing, e-mail, and sending a scanned document to a network folder.

For information about necessary network components for digital sending, see components used for digital-sending on page 6 ENWW Network The Novell client software must be installed on the network and be configured correctly before Novell-specific attributes can be configured in HP DSS.

The guide comes with devices in which an HP Jetdirect print server is installed. Set the subnet mask Scroll to and touch Administration. HP Jetdirect print servers facilitate network management by allowing you to connect a device directly to your network at any location. Use device features This section provides instructions for how to carry out common digital-sending tasks. Load media You can load media to scan either on the scanner glass or in the ADF.

HP 9250C Digital Sender User Manual

Use the keyboard The digital sender has a built-in keyboard that can be used to type the necessary information when scanning a file to an e-mail address. At the bottom of the device, pull out the keyboard tray. Type the necessary information in the active field on the device touchscreen. Use the following keys to navigate from the keyboard: Basic send information Log in When you walk up to the digital sender, you will see the home screen.

The options that are displayed are the digital-sending options that have been enabled by the system administrator. The system administrator can configure the device to require a user name and password in order to use some or all of the digital-sender features.

Hp C Digital Sender Manuals

Button Description Output Quality Touch this zender to increase or decrease the print quality of the file being scanned. A higher quality setting produces a larger file size. Resolution Touch this button to change the scan resolution. A higher resolution setting produces a larger file size.


You can also configure the e-mail settings by using the embedded Web server, which 925c recommends. For helpful tips and more about configuring the scan e-mail feature, see the Embedded Web Server User Guide on the device documentation CD.

If you do not know the IP address or domain name, contact the network administrator.

Send an e-mail The device scans both black-and-white and color originals. You can use default settings or change the scanning preferences and file formats. The 2950c are the default settings: If prompted, type your user name and password. Your user name or other ddigital information might appear in the From: If so, you might not be able to change it.

Use the local address book Use the local address book to store frequently used e-mail addresses.

Scan to a folder If the system administrator has made the feature available, the device can scan a file and send it to a folder on the network. Place the document face-down on the scanner glass or face-up in the ADF. Scan to a workflow destination NOTE: This device feature is provided by the optional Digital Sending Software product.

If the system administrator has enabled the workflow functionality, you can scan a document and send it to a custom workflow destination. A workflow destination gives you the ability to send additional information, along with the scanned document, to a specified network or file transfer protocol FTP location.

For information about ordering this software, go to www. With digital faxing, the device does not need to be connected directly to a phone line. maual

Instead, the device can send a fax in one of three ways: Manage and maintain the device This chapter describes how to manage and maintain the 925c If the device contains an HP Jetdirect print server or an optional hard disk drive, additional configuration pages that provide information about those devices appear.

From the Home screen, touch Administration. Shows the device status. To change the default settings, click Change Settings. The Networking tab can be password-protected. Idgital you to the HP Web site to help you find solutions. This service analyzes your device error log and configuration information to provide diagnostic and support information specific to your device.

To obtain plug-ins to HP Web Jetadmin, click plug-ins, and then click the download link that is next to the name of the plug-in that you want. The HP Web Jetadmin software can automatically notify you when new plug-ins are available.

Security page, see the embedded Web server guide on the device CD. The final software program that can be used to control the digital sender is the HP Web Jetadmin program. This program can also be configured to require a password before any changes can be made. Follow the instructions that come in the envelope to replace the mylar sheet.