How to Meditate has ratings and 64 reviews. Mark said: Meditation can get a bad rap. Often times, the strong opinion of religious folks can deter oth. How to Meditate. BY Lawrence LeShan. A few years ago, I was at a small conference of scientists all of whom practiced meditation on a daily basis. Toward the. Bring the gift and peace of meditation into your life with this easy-to-follow instructional program. No matter how great the demands on your time, here are.

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The first ten are all types of structured meditation, and an earlier chapter is devoted to distinguishing structured from unstructured approaches to meditation. Since then it has gone on to become not just one of our bestsellers, but one of the biggest audiobooks in the entire industry, with overcopies sold. I found the bow on how lezhan and what the effects of meditation are to be especially informative.

It would seem these two chapters should go together as they both deal with things that detract from meditative practice, and not with the central chapter wedged between them.

For me personally I do meditation for the very practical effects of it, I feel a sharper focus, more clarity in my thoughts, less emotional reactivity, more centered, more aware of my thought patterns and feelings Account Options Sign in.

The last two chapters lezhan the Afterword seem to have been added for the twin-fold purpose of hitting a target page count and to add a couple of niche audiences—namely students of psychology and fans of Edgar N. Other than the stuff about ESP, I found this to be a wonderful and helpful book.

My only criticism is that the writing is a little slow and the second half to the book tends to drag out. I read this after taking a meditation class and really enjoyed meditating but haven’t managed to keep it up. He tells the reader of the mental and physical benefits of meditation as they are discussed in the scientific literature.


How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery

Learn how your comment data is processed. Nov 28, Rose Smigell rated it really liked it. A straight-forward, thoughtful, practical guide to meditation. There is also an earlier chapter that discusses a broad taxonomy of meditation and sub-classes of meditation. Furthermore, meditation helps lower the rate of metabolism by blocking out distracting thoughts. A simple procedure called Breath Counting is given for readers to try. Very good I don’t think I have ever read a better introduction to the general practice of meditation.

This was an excellent how-to book and introduction into what meditation is, it’s difficulty and very interesting comparisons to religions. I find that to be a bit unrealistic, but if you are looking for a book that will direct you on which path to start your meditation journey, this book is well worth the read.

The author state that the benefits include finding a new way of perceiving and understanding the world. There is one oddity of organization.

It’s best to read it slowly, one chapter a day to get the full effect. Apr 03, David Doel rated it liked it. Contents Why We Meditate.

LeShan suggests on the opening page of the book that “We meditate to find, to recover, to come back to something of ourselves we once dimly and unknowingly had and have lost without knowing what it was If you are looking for a short introduction to meditation without a particular religious bias this is the book for you. This first chapter sets up two chapters that deal with the psychological and physiological effects of meditation. If you are looking for a short introduction to meditation without a particular religious bias this is the book for you.

Not just another relaxation meditation piece, How to Meditate is a practical, realistic guide to, and exploration of, four different techniques of meditation. I did learn a lot about how to meditate and the benefits of the process which was the main purpose of reading the book.


Christians with an interest in mystical approaches to their religion. John of the Cruss and “The Cloud of Unknowing.

How to Meditate

The procedure is difficult to master but can be attained. He is the bestselling author of a wide-ranging series of books on science, medicine, and psychology. How to Meditate by Lawrence LeShan. Lawrence LeShan is an absolute delight to listen to.

How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery by Lawrence LeShan

Looking for beautiful books? There are a couple of chapters devoted to ideas that people believe that both have little evidence of grounding in reality and which detract from meditation. Repeat the counts one through four concentrating on only counting breaths until the timer ends.

Trivia About How to Meditate: This is lwshan program that will attract new listeners who are looking for the very best way to introduce themselves to, or augment their knowledge of, the many benefits of this ancient discipline. I’m trying to add discipline to my mind, which is indeed a ship at sea being navigated by a crazy crew that locked away the captain and navigator. I recommend it, if you are interested in finding out more on meditating or have an interest in learning: His specific programs and exercises provide practical tools for you to begin hoow own journey.

Jul 24, R.

Description The new, revised and expanded, two-cassette edition of our classic bestseller When Audio Renaissance first published the audio edition of “How to Meditate” in we knew it was an important book, but even we couldn’t guess so many people would want to hear it.