A mind-bending supernatural thriller from the creators of This Present Darkness and Saint. Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker — two of the most acclaimed writers of. From the minds of multi-million selling suspense authors Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker comes House–an epic supernatural thriller that gives a new meaning to. Written by: Chad Lutzke If you plan on picking up this book then read the review no further. It’s the only spoiler alert you’re going to get.

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I didn’t keep this one though. I did pay for it so I was determined to finish it. Mar 19, Neil or bleed rated it it was ok Shelves: Maybe the house was possessed.

Which basically sums up my entire relationship with Dekker books currently.

Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker ‘House’ Review – Horror Novel Reviews

Matarlas a todas te convierte en Dios. The story itself centers around the estranged marriage of Jack and Stephanie, a starting point that many Americans at least are familiar with and can probably relate to rather easily.

The worst part is, again, the sexist implications this has for the women. I originally read the book back when it was first released, I think, but this is my first time reading it after seeing the movie.

After I finished reading the book and composing my thoughts, I read a few reviews and it pefetti like this was not his normal caliber of work, so I’m still open to giving him another chance.


I’m sorry I wasted my time and money on it. Picked up this book as a result of watching the associated movie one night.

View all 25 comments. Jun 11, Carolyne Coleman rated it did not like it. Wow am I furious at having been so blatantly mislead by the summary fekker this book. I have read Christian fiction before.

House by Frank E. Peretti

The plot and action move quickly and the characters unfold and develop unobtrusively. Rules that only a madman—or worse—could have written. I wasn’t aware going in that the authors were writers of Christian books, and I want to be VERY clear that I have nothing at all against that, and that I only bring it up because had I frajk that going in, I could have guessed the ending and would have skipped this book all together.

There are plot devices that are plain unbelievable and eye-roll worthy. Scrawled on its side is a message from the killer: House Library Edition Author s: An excellent book by far. I recommend I picked this book up from the library, thumbed through a few pages, and decided to preview it by reading the first chapter.

Follow the Author

If you didn’t understand the book then you didn’t pay attention while reading it. House Munce-Tp Author s: You didn’t know the grank, or anything, you just had to move on the plot; and the Ugh! I just can’t accept them. Not that anything is wrong with a very religious book. Trying to follow which character is in what room of the house and which door leads to where which happens to take up much of the book was like reading a high epic fantasy novel and being expected to remember the pronunciation of every son of every king of every father of every country in whatever magical land that has 12 vowels in it.


I would have never thought of spinning an allegory like this. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The game is an elaborate maze and in true horror fashion Peretti hy Dekker create an elaborate setting for suspense and human triumph.

But let’s start with the basics. It culminates when a tin can is thrown into the house with three rules for the game.

But on the other hand: It confuses the characters as well as the reader. I gave it a try. It just didn’t keep my attention. The only time I ever think it would have been wise to keep this book perettj is on the odd occasion I unexpectedly run out of toilet paper.

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