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When the Sun and the Moon horra not have rulership on Trimsamsa division, evaluation of Satva and others, through them may turn a futile exercise. Where there is a contradiction among the ancients; the author sorts it out. Thus end the views of Yavanesvara upto sloka 27 supra.

Bala Bhadra’s Hora Ratnam: With Original Deva Nagari Slokas – Balabhadra – Google Books

There is a different version of planetary ages for natal horoscopy given in the ensuing pages. Sage Garga has specified separate effects for degrees of deep rztnam and mere exaltation as-stated below.

These measures are to be multiplied by 5 etc. The weak Moon and Mercury in the company of, a malefic are malefics.

Surya the Sun God 3. Speculum 25 clarifies these details. It the whole sign is the region of the knees of Time Personified.


The various houses are called with certain specific common names as Kendra etc. It is in the form of ratna Skandha and is a reflector of various kinds of effects of a birth.

Mars affects one’s physical strength. The answer thus is: Sapta Varga even divisions stated by Surya: Sage Badarayana states that a sign which is aspected by Jupiter or its own lord or Mercury gains strength provided it is unrelated to other planets.

By the term “deep exaltation” 10 0 Aries for the Sun etc.

It also means the trunk of a tree wherefrom its branches begin. These three classifications are shown in speculum 8, for an easy grasp. In even signs these degrees are reversed.

Hora RatNam

The names of the twelve signs in order are: HTML is not translated! Scorpio, the only insect sign, when placed in the, 7th, i.

On the same line, Mercury does not enjoy strength upto 14th degree of Virgo. Grassgreen is Mercury’s colour. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are benefics. That is why “Aho-Ratra” is important.

[PDF] Hora Ratnam – Free Download PDF

Saturn, Mars ‘and the Sun are natural malefics. In each sign, one particular Navamsa will give Vargottama Navamsa status to a planet or degree. The term “Paataala” does not as such denote any hoga in particular. The colours for the six signs virgo to Pisces expressed in Saravali are against the views of Varaha Mihira, vide previous verse.


Book 11. Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR

The commencement of this treatise is done with description of zodiacal signs, planets, inferior births, impregnation, birth of human beings etc. So also is the Moon. It was indeed nice doing business with you and I will definitely contact you if Ohra need anymore books.

Venus and Mereury are Rajasik reflecting passion while the duo Mars and Saturn are Tamasik reflecting darkness as a mental attribute.

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn arid Pisces ratanm feminine signs and are soft or benefic in nature. Some opine, this duration should be based on the Navamsas gained by the indicative planet in this in which it is placed. Bhanu endowed with rays or splendourAditya son of AditiRavi one of the 12 AdityasPrabhakara cause of splendourDinesa lord of the dayTamohanta destroyer of darknessDina Karta cause of the day, day and night and Dina Mani gem of the day are the other names for the planet Sun, Notes: